phd doctorate diploma

Copying a graduate doctorate diploma and personalizing it with your details can be an easy way to create your own fake Phd diplomas. It's often easy to match up the paper and replica a few elements. If done right, even a homemade counterfeit copy may look solid.

The problem arises when showing it off to somebody who has a clue. Maybe you bump into somebody with a real diploma from the same university? Could such a person easily spot some irregularities? The key to making a high quality fake is often in the details. It's more than the paper color. It's the structure and format, seal placement, signature casting, and more.

Even if you buy a fake for personal or novelty purposes, quality matters most. If you're looking for access to premium fakes of phd diplomas and more this , there is a ton of great information below.

3 Reasons People Create Fake PhD Diplomas?

The reasons why people buy fake PhDs from online print shops, often comes down to the same reasons, whether we're talking about graduate documents or fake high school diplomas.

Reason 1: As a boost to the esteem of down-and-out students 

The reality is, ever year, the number of graduating doctorate students is on the rise. This means that universities are pumping out more and more graduates semester after semester. While this is impressive, on the other side of this, you'll find students struggling with the uncertainty and stress that comes with graduate school. In some cases, they are unable to finish their education and drop out. For some, seeing a fake phD, with their estimated graduation date and major they hope to earn a degree in, can be a motivation tool. It can encourage such students to stick to their path and achieve their goals. In fact, we know such a document can do this, because sites like Diploma Company, an online print shop, have reported such success stories with their services.

Reason 2: As a way to fool a friend or create a convenient personal backup

The two most common reasons, are as novelties or as a backup. Both purposes would be personal. Often people who know graduates, choose to buy fake PhDs as a practical joke. As a shop, we can think of many situations where buy them as a gag gift.

Other times people choose to obtain one as a backup. This is because there can be major details in getting a replacement through a school. Sometimes they can take days or weeks to arrive.

Reason 3: As film props and production pieces

This may seem like a smaller percentage of overall buyers, because it is. Yet, movie studios have been known to buy such diplomas for the filming of tv shows and movies. Don't believe us? It's true, they do. We bring this up because it really indicates the level of quality that's possible such a diploma. Movie scenes often need to sell the audience on a character, the more authentic the setting and props are, the more believable he or she can be. This is why studios expect custom-made, yet authentic-looking fakes that are replicated down to the smallest details. They require top-notch print shops in order to create such documents.

No matter why you need yours, the most important factor is quality. You want a fake that resembles the actual diploma as much as passible and arrives on time, and all of this done by a company who stands by their work.

Finding a Fake PhD Diploma Maker You Can Trust?

Hiring a phony diploma shop with experience is pretty crucial. Creating authentic-like phd diplomas is difficult without the proper knowledge. But what exactly should you look for when choosing a site in ?

It is important to see photos of their work. You want to see examples of the quality they provide. Check out photos of diplomas they have created. Read about fake diploma seals they feature. One of the most noticeable features of any diploma is the seal. Ensuring this part looks legit, can easily impress friends and co-wokers.

You will also want to make sure they can get your package out. A lot of suppliers have an early cutoff, delaying shipments. This makes the entire delivery experience stressful. It's also important to know that their customer support keeps you in touch. This includes through the entire process from designing to delivery. A lot of fake diploma sites don't cut on support til midday. They often cut down on communication methods only offering chat and no phone support.

Do They Really Understand PhD Diplomas?

How much do they know any diploma? What do they know about phd diplomas? Did they know that a phd diploma is often like a bachelors 8.5 x 11 but MD & JD diplomas are 11 x 14? Do they know about diploma paper? That the color and thickness can differ school to school? Make sure you put their "expert" knowledge to the test.

If you have a copy of PhD diploma, ask them to replicate it.

Sometimes people have a copy of a diploma they want. May be they have a copy from a friend of graduated. May be they spotted a picture of real diploma online. Does the the print shop still feel confident? Are your expectations a concern? If they still feel reassured they can make what you want, that can help you buy with confidence.

Ensure they guarantee your PhD diploma

A lot of phony diploma sites will send samples of their work. Although this is a great look, how can you be sure it's what you'll get? Make sure the site warranties their work and offers a money back guarantee. Handing out samples but refusing to stand by their work means little.

There a few sites that do warranty their work. A lot of this is because diplomas have such a temporary value. BUT more than than that, shops know the vast majority of their buyers are not happy. By not proving a guarantee, it discourages complaints. Very few sites will stand by their work with this much confidence.

Stay Away From Diploma Shops with Lots of Customization

There are only so many ways you can present a PhD diploma. There is a Doctorate of Philosophy in Arts, Design, Business Administration, and more. There are lots of degree and major options.

Yet, some novelty shops will try to up sell every customization possible. It's one thing to ask if a buyer wants extra copies. What bothers us is when sites try to up sell more important elements like the type of seal you need. They will often try to sell you a shiny gold seal in place of a color seal on the PhD diploma.

We find this absurd. A professional print shop should know what seal is best for what diploma. If you need a gold seal, use a gold seal. If you don't need one, use what is needed. It's the shop's decision to know what it right because a shiny gold seal, pretty or not, is wrong if it's not accurate.

Ready to Create Your Phd Diploma Now?

Are you ready to show your friends with a realistic phd diploma? Do you want to prank a coworker? No matter why you may want one, there is no harm in buying a diploma. This is your diploma to hang on your wall, show off to a friend, and enjoy.

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How to Buy a Fake PhD Diploam?

Simply choose an item from our site. We offer fake PhD diplomas and fake PhD Transcripts. There is no up charge for graduate degrees. Just fill out an order form letting us know what school you want. We will also get details on your name and date of graduation.

Make sure your name is how you want it to appear. Make sure the major and minor is correct. Make sure the university and research department is clear in the notes. Make sure the graduation date is also right. If you are unsure of any dates, just leave a year and ask the staff to check on this.

Once you submit an order online, you can sit back and wait. Our designer will begin the process of accessing your order details. They will then see what you want, collect resources and begin the design phase. Within one day or less, we send samples for approval and/or the package leaves our shop.

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