Fake degrees with verification

When seeking fake degrees, customers often inquire about verification services to ensure authenticity and potentially help pass a background check. At Diploma Company USA, we're more focused about offering authentic-like fake college diplomas and fake college transcripts with genuine layouts and courses. For those seeking verification and trying to avoid scams, this article provides essential tips and insights into the complexities of fake degree verification. Discover how to navigate the pitfalls and make informed decisions in your pursuit of 'Best Fake Degrees with Verification.'

Avoid Scams - Selecting Reliable Fake Degree Verification Services

Many websites advertise fake degree verification services at seemingly affordable prices, claiming that their degrees will pass verification processes without a hitch. Unfortunately, most of these services fail to deliver on their promises, leaving customers dissatisfied and cheated out of their hard-earned money.

The truth is, numerous educational institutions and employers rarely verify background checks, making it easy for dishonest verification services to go unchallenged. As a result, customers end up paying for services that are never utilized or even questioned in the first place.

Understanding the College Degree Verification Process

As of , the Federal Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) oversees the maintenance, protection, and verification of educational records, including diplomas and degrees. This law requires colleges and universities to obtain a signed release form from the student before releasing any academic records to an employer or another educational institution.

Unfortunately, due to the tedious and time-consuming process of requesting educational records, many industries choose to forgo verification altogether. Consequently, fake degree verification services offered by certain websites remain ineffective, as legitimate institutions would never entertain such suspicious verification requests.

This addition of (FERPA) has made it so requesting educational records, requires authorization which can be very tedious and time consuming. Many industries opt out of the process and since records are often never verified, fees paid for such services through suppliers of these degrees willing to offer such services are never utilized.

The Pitfalls of Sites Offering Fake Degree Verification

Numerous websites claim to provide phone numbers or websites for verification purposes, but these claims are often misleading. FERPA regulations strictly prohibit third-party verification, as records can only be obtained through direct requests from the student themselves. Legitimate employers or educational institutions would immediately recognize such attempts at verification as fraudulent and dismiss them.

How to Spot Dishonest Verification Methods

Screenshot of the now-defunct site DiplomaXpress offering fake degree verification services circa 2011 If you are considering a company that offers fake degree verification services, make sure they provide a legitimate mailing address for verification. The presence of a genuine-looking address is crucial, as any discrepancies may raise suspicion.

Take, for example, DiplomaXpress, a company that once offered fake verification but used an Arizona mailing address for all requests. If a customer's school was located outside Arizona, this address would immediately raise red flags. Questions like "why is this verification letter for a Massachusetts college coming from some random PO Box in Arizona?" could easily expose the deception.

To successfully execute fake degree verification, the company selling the degrees would need mailing addresses in every city and town, along with separate phone numbers for each area code. However, this would require an astonishing 335 phone numbers and 30,825 PO boxes, making it a highly implausible endeavor.

Given these challenges and the unlikelihood of success, it's essential for customers to focus on the quality of custom printed documents provided by reputable suppliers instead of relying on doomed-to-fail verification services.

At the end of the day, while some sites offer fake degrees with verification, the process often encounters numerous issues, and the resulting headaches outweigh the very low chance of positive results. Our advice is to steer clear of these services and prioritize the overall quality of the custom printed documents offered by reliable suppliers.

Our Approach at Diploma Company

At Diploma Company USA, we prioritize delivering high-quality custom printed degrees and more without diverting resources into verification services. Our novelty items capture the authentic layouts and formats of genuine diplomas, serving as excellent replacements for lost or damaged degrees, props for films and shows, and morale boosters. All our products come with a satisfaction guarantee, offering peace of mind in an industry sometimes plagued by scams, such as those we've discussed here.


While some sites claim to offer fake degrees with verification, the process can be challenging and yield minimal results. Instead, trust reputable suppliers like Diploma Company for high-quality custom printed degrees that meet your needs without the added complications of verification services.