why fake diplomas for free lack the quality and realism you demand.

Often people like yourself will begin their search for fake diplomas only to realize that they can get pretty expensive. These days you may find articles about fake diplomas on Reddit and other message boards only to hear the top complaint being how much they cost. Although there are some cases of cheap fake diplomas online, the reality is the higher quality ones will often go between $80 to $200 each making them not affordable for many folks. Consumers will also seek free fake diplomas online believing they can achieve the same quality at no cost. What results for many is a free diploma but one that lacks the quality to be considered passable resulting in an epic fail.

What makes a fake diploma free?

99% of free fake diplomas given away by websites are printable diplomas. This means the site will allow you to download a diploma template, often in Word format, that you can edit and printed yourself at no cost. The template which should be formatted to look like an actual diploma will showcase many common elements including the name of a school, a student name, dates for graduation and more. All of these elements can be adjusted and customized within the Word program. Once everything is completely edited and looks good to go, the final document can be printed using a typical desktop printer such as those at public libraries.

The steps to making a high school diploma through websites that offer free printable diploma templates is pretty easy. In the end you will achieve a free diploma but how does it stack up to high quality fake ones sold online these days?

The first problem with free template sites is your limited to certain templates. Not all diplomas the same and if you give everybody the same template, the lack of uniqueness in yours may may it easiest to spot as being a fake. Plus there is quality problems. Of course a simple desktop printer can’t achieve certain characteristics that a real diploma may have such as puffy seals and raised letters. In the end, you can achieve a free fake but the lack of quality and overall realism may make it far from passable when showing it off to friends or coworkers. If somebody asking for something like a diploma for a job, such a document may be very risky to hand in.

Benefits of high quality fake diplomas vs free fake diplomas?

Although the quality with suppliers will differ from store to store, most stores that commit to realistic diplomas are going to provide you a superior fake. Let’s take for example “Jefferson High School '' which is a former online school that is a very popular request. In this case, an online supplier has gotten access to a real diploma from that school. They have studied the diploma including it’s design and layout, seal placement, signature count and more. They then take those all those important details and create an original diploma template that they use when producing fake high school diplomas from places like Jefferson for their customers.

When the final diploma is printed, a lot of special adjustments are made at the last second. For starters the diploma's text and seals are sometimes printed raised! This means when you rub your finger over the final document, you'll be able to feel the letters and the artwork. Raised printers is something commonly found on many real diplomas and something impossible to achieve with free fake diplomas made online with printable templates.

The other benefit is simply the type of printing equipment and supplies used during production. In most cases even if you use a free printable diploma template, the printer you are likely to have access to is a lower end ink-jet printer. In most cases these prints can print at a resolution of 300dpi often at the best case scenario. With higher end printers you can get closer to 1200dpi or 4x the quality. This doesn’t even get into the discussion of foil machines needed to achieve gold foil finishes or additive printing for layered results.

I realize the amazing quality and benefits of expensive fake diplomas but I can’t afford one!

We understand that many seek free fake diplomas because they don’t have the funds necessary to buy phony diplomas through the best rated and highest end suppliers. Fortunately, there are ways to save a ton of money on your order this . Yes, it's true that any custom made diploma won’t be free but with coupon codes and major discounts allowing you take anywhere from 10% to 20% off your order total, you may find that a once overpriced fake diploma is now more affordable than you thought. Not to mention a lot of sites even offer free ground shipping to the USA, cutting down on your order total even more.

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