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If you had dropped out of high school but are considering returning to complete your education, you might be considering if the effort is worthwhile. And if it is, there is always a question about how to get a diploma online with ease. Besides, you may be wondering whether obtaining a high school diploma is really so crucial to your career or not.

The best answer to that question is "yes," of course it is crucial!

Statistics actually illustrate how important a diploma is. To put it another way, 90% of high school dropouts will never make more than $40,000 annually. In other words, your chances of ever landing a job that pays more than the minimum wage are slim without a high school diploma.

Truth is that a high school diploma will get you access to doors that would otherwise be closed to you. Well, before we find out the relevant answer to how to get online diploma for free, let’s first take a sneak peek into how your diploma will facilitate your future progress.

Importance of a High School Diploma

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Confirm your Credibility to your Employers

Let's face it, the job market is competitive. And businesses never prepare to take a chance on hiring the ineligible person. In fact, the majority of businesses won't even think about hiring someone without a high school diploma.

You might think that's unfair. But then you'll realize that it takes time and money for a company to find, hire, and train a new employee. A company wants to be certain that hiring you is the best investment they can possibly make. So, you must start thinking about that 'how to get a diploma online' thing sooner than later.

Having a high school diploma shows potential employers that you are dependable. It also shows that you possess the self-control needed to perform effectively on the job. It communicates to potential employers that you are capable of carrying out tasks, achieving success, and setting and achieving goals.

Increase your Chances for Promotion

Getting a job does not end the competition. So, once you find the relevant answer to the question "how to get a diploma online", you will be on the priority list for both jobs and promotions. But let's say, an employer takes a chance on you and hires you for an entry-level position without a diploma. In that case, you'll be up against other employees for promotions to higher-paying positions once you start working.

In most situations, higher roles with better salary require specialized knowledge or credentials. When promoting their employees to these positions, employers frequently prepare to pay for that training.

A coworker who has their high school diploma is inherently more competitive than you when a promotion opportunity comes up. That's because they are in a position to be eligible for the training program. While you are not, they are qualified to enroll.

Most Training Programs Require a High School Diploma

Now, before you get concerned regarding how to get online diploma for free, you must know that your diploma is essential if you want to pursue any specific careers, as well as making you competitive for jobs and promotions. To be eligible to enroll, applicants must hold a high school diploma, online diploma or an equivalent qualification from a trade school, college, or university.

If you don't get your high school diploma, you'll have to give up your hopes of becoming a businessman. You can't even enroll in the police or fire academy. You would even have to give up on finding employment in an office or technical field. And that is obviously keeping aside any potential on-the-job promotions.

Without a diploma, you aren't even eligible to apply to these programs. Because all of these occupations need you to successfully finish training programs at trade schools, colleges, or universities.

The Big Question - How to Get a Diploma Online?

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Before going any further with the question of how to get a diploma online, you should first confirm that the high school diploma you wish to get online is accredited. The Distance Education and Accrediting Commission (DEAC), a nonprofit group that runs an accreditation commission for distance learning programs, is one source of information on certified online high school programs.

On its website,, the organization lists the online diploma courses that have been approved by its commission. Make sure your school is included on this list if you wish to obtain your high school diploma or certificate online.

Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Indiana, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington all offer the web-based National External Diploma program as an alternative. This program is based on assessment. And it rates the math, reading, and writing abilities that adults and teenagers develop over the course of their lives.

GED Tests

The General Educational Development (GED) Exam is also open to adults and teenagers who are not enrolled in school. This exam covers themes in language arts, math, science, and social sciences. So, technically, it can be your best answer to the question, how to get an online diploma. In addition to other question categories, it includes drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, and short answer questions.

Students cannot take the GED exam online, despite the fact that they can attend online preparation classes for it. The American Council of Education (ACE), which creates and standardizes the test, warns prospective test takers to be cautious of programs offering to deliver the exam online because these are not certified or accredited programs.

A recognized high school online diploma is available for adults and out-of-school teenagers. They can also use the Distance Education and Accrediting Commission (DEAC) to find accredited programs.

Other Handy Ways on How to get a Diploma Online for Free!

Let's accept this fact - there is no such thing as a free lunch! So, if you can’t get an online diploma via methods mentioned above, you may have to purchase it from a third party vendor. While there are few websites that may post "get online diploma for free" kind of stuff on social media, they will always come up with some hidden charges.

On the other side, these free diplomas may not sound as authentic as the paid ones. So, in case you are looking for an authentic copy, you may have to face all the disappointment. So, instead of falling for those ‘get online diploma for free’ hoax, it is better to connect with a reputed and trusted third party vendor for a genuine diploma copy.

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