boss offering his hand as he asks employee for their diploma

When Andrew first got hired at his job, having a diploma was not a requirement. Even though he did graduate from college, his diploma was placed inside a storage unit back home. Then one morning, his boss asked him for his diploma. After realizing the diploma was not accessible, he had to find other means to get one for his job. This is his story.

Andrew landed a position at a marketing firm doing design work, which required graphic design experience. The job posting did not mention that a diploma was required. Fortunately, Andrew did have a degree in graphic design from an arts college.

After he got the position, there was no further discussion about his diploma.

Hurdle 1: Then one day, out of the blue, his job wants his diploma!

Early on, Andrew noticed that many of his co-workers had diplomas hanging on their office walls or next to their desks. Since a diploma was not required to work there, he found it strange that so many people would display theirs. Then his manager, Robyn, explained everything, and it made sense. She said that many of the clients they work with like to see that their designers have degrees. It makes them feel comfortable, knowing that the team at the firm is trained, qualified, and certified to do the work. She told Andrew that it would be best if he had his diploma framed and hung on his office wall too.

Andrew had an issue meeting this request. The only problem was that his old diploma was gone. Turns out his mom did not pay a storage fee, and the storage company threw out his belongings, including the diploma. Since the unit was mostly filled with junk, his parents didn't think much about it. Yet, this created a problem because now Andrew needed that diploma for his job.

Alternative ways to replace a diploma for work

The next morning, he called up his old school, only to learn that it had shut down. There was nobody answering the phones, nobody there to make sure a replacement got shipped out. That afternoon, he spoke to Robyn about his predicament.

Robyn mentioned Claire, who had a similar problem. Claire was another designer at the firm who could not get a replacement from her school but discovered an alternate solution.

Hurdle 2: Did the fake diploma remind Andrew of his lost diploma?

Claire had mentioned a website she came across called Diploma Company. The company created 100% custom-made fake diplomas replicated from original templates they stocked. They knew all about her old diploma and could easily help him replace his. She mentioned that since his old school was in Los Angeles, he ought to consider a fake California diploma. All he'd have to do was give the site his information, including the name of the institute, his name, and graduation dates. With his old school leaving him without options, he counted on this site to get him a diploma for his job.

After placing the order for a fake college diploma at, the document was put together, printed out, carefully packaged up, and shipped to his home. It arrived just a few days later. Even though Andrew had gotten a sample of his order prior to its shipping out, he was anxious to see the actual document on the actual paper with correct seals, etc.

A close call

His immediate reaction was shock. He was impressed at how close the fake captured the layout and structure of his actual design college diploma. They put the seal in the right spot; it had the same signature count, the format was spot on, and more. It was also printed on the proper diploma paper, had correct coloring, and the quality was exceptional. Even minor differences were made to protect against regulations and limitations, but his expectations were more than succeeded. Yet, all that aside, he was nervous a client would spot that it was fake because there was something he was overlooking.

A client showed up to discuss a new magazine spread. The contact named Brenda sat down to talk to Andrew. She immediately noticed his diploma hanging in the corner. She said, "Oh, you graduated from the same school as me." Andrew got worried. He was nervous she would spot the imperfections in the fake he had bought. She walked over, took a good long look at it, and smiled. She told Andrew it was great to work with a fellow alumni. His stress went away.

The diploma broke the ice and created a good relationship between the two of them. All of a sudden, Andrew realized why Robyn wanted him to get a copy of his diploma for the job.

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