A stack of fake transcripts on a table.

If you go online, the sheer number of websites selling fake transcripts and the extensive discussions about them on message boards and forums are proof of their soaring popularity in 2020. For years, counterfeit versions of documents like these have been circulating, and as printing technology becomes more advanced and efficient, and the cost of these services drops, the interest from buyers rises continuously.

According to Vicky Philips, an online education analyst and founder of GetEducated.com, "There is a huge market for fake college degrees because the global recession has made job hunters around the world seek cheap ways to get a degree fast.”

Why All Transcripts Sold Online Are Not The Same?

People often come across replica academic records from high schools and colleges sold online and can't discern the difference between one option and the next. While some sites operate as mills, selling phony education, the majority of shops provide a high-quality novelty service. These businesses have spent years collecting and studying transcript documents. They create a realistic print featuring a variety of degrees, majors, and minors. The final documents are embossed by hand, signed, and printed on authentic-looking security paper. For somebody looking to get a replacement for personal reasons, to fool a friend, or boost their esteem, companies that put a lot of time into the details will create something that is absolutely stunning.

While there are companies that forge records, that is not what a reputable print shop does. This is why it's important to stay away from mills and look for print shops. Sites like DiplomaCompany.com are more focused on the quality of what they make and believe so much in what they do that they back all of it with an unmatched 90-day satisfaction guarantee!

Why are Fake Diplomas in 2020 Rising in Popularity?

As we stated before, there are reasons why people all around the world choose to buy fakes like these.

a diploma rolled up with a red ribbon and a black graduation cap sitting nicely on a table
  1. Reason #1: They're Convenient as Personal Replacements

Sometimes requesting a replacement from a school can take three weeks or more. If you just need a personal replacement, why wait? An online print shop can often create a transcript, print it, package it, and have it delivered in 24 hours. If that's too long, sometimes they can send digital copies the same business day.

  1. Reason #2: As Esteem Boosters

People struggling in school often need motivation. Imagine being handed a transcript with your name on it, the school you want to graduate from, a list of classes you're taking, and a future graduation date. For those individuals, this can inspire them to return to school, become more focused, and graduate. Some shops have seen this happen firsthand with customers.

  1. Reason #3: As Props for Films

IIt's true that movies about people going to work or attending school often showcase transcripts. Think about a movie about a young person in college. Perhaps, in one scene, they hold a transcript in their hand. As the camera zooms in, we see the details, including the classes and school name. For the filmmakers, it has to look like a real document. Many of them rely on sites like these to craft high-quality props for their film sets.

Why You Might Want to Buy Some?

You can get custom-made fake transcripts from high schools, fake GED transcripts, or fake college transcripts online. Everything is 100% custom-made, features real classes, is signed by hand, embossed, etc. The overall quality is breathtaking when you consider that it features traditional security paper, just like the real ones, and is printed with professional print shop equipment.

No longer in 2020? No worries. Our template collection is constantly updating, ensuring we can help replace documents from any graduating year, whether it was 30 years ago or last month.
If you're interested in purchasing such transcripts in 2020, check out DiplomaCompany.com. Our shop creates custom prints, all backed by our 90-day money-back return guarantee, allowing you to order worry-free today. The site is very user-friendly, requiring you to answer a few questions in our order form, and that's it. If you need help, our staff is available on weekdays, Monday to Friday. We can be reached via live chat or by giving us a toll-free call at 866-687-5403. Thank you again for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to helping you in any way we can.