Tools for Career Planning with Great Results!

Thinking about the future is always a little scary but also very exciting. With the current social and economic climate, it’s important for young generations to start thinking about how they want their lives to be and how they want to change the world. Our goal is that you have the tools required to plan a career in and stop delaying the start of your professional life.

Unsure about your future?

You might be a little confused right now about your future, options seem endless but they all seem like a lot of work. That’s why it’s important to start by asking yourself the following questions:

What do you want to do when you grow up?

It’s a simple question, and you don’t have to think hard about the answer because it might be already in your head. Think about what you like to do, know what you’re good at. You might not have thought about this, but your current skills and talents could potentially turn into a whole career and life path. Imagine doing something you actually enjoy and you’re pretty good at and you’d get paid for it, sounds amazing, right?

The important thing about thinking ahead is to never be afraid of thinking too big. Any dream can come true if you turn it into a goal and you set very clear plans in order to achieve it. That’s exactly why we want you to have the best tools available.

The ultimate tools for career planning

Career planning is a big deal, but as we mentioned, you only need to start from the fact that you must choose something you enjoy and like. Having the first part figured out, you can turn to some of these resources and techniques in order to be prepared for what’s next. Remember, college is not the only path to follow, so if you can’t afford it, there are many other things you can do to create a career you love.

What should my outlook be?

The first tool to use in order to plan a career is actually a mental exercise that involves some research. You should be certain and honest about the outlook of the career you want to pursue. What does this mean? It means you should look into the growth that comes with the career you want. What’s the estimated salary you’ll be able to make? What type of job can you land once you graduate? What is the hiring rate for people who study that career. Always think and investigate about how much you can grow as a professional if you study “x” career or dedicate yourself to a certain profession. You might change your mind if you discover what you thought wouldn't actually give you as much money as you want. Some people are happy with their choice in spite of that, but it’s always better to make an informed decision.

Is online education right for me?

Sometimes, there’s not enough time (or resources) for you to go to college or attend on-site classes. If this is your case, there’s no need to worry. Nowadays, and thanks to the boom of the internet, you can get pretty high quality online education on almost any subject or career. As long as you put all your effort into it, any kind of education can help you greatly understand the career you chose and valuable techniques to start applying them in the real world.

Is freelance work a good side hustle?

One of the things that employers ask for even more than education is expertise. But let’s face it, young people fall into this trap where no one wants to hire you for lack of expertise, yet no one wants to give you the chance to gain expertise with them. If this happens to you, there’s a way to avoid it. Freelancing is the solution, so you don’t have to depend on somebody else to give you a shot to prove yourself as a professional. There are hundreds of websites dedicated to freelancers who offer their services for all sorts of rates. Fiverr and Upwork are some of the most popular ones, and you can slowly but steadily gain experience and earn some money on the way.

Is there value in a fake diploma or degree?

We all know sometimes life kicks you hard and you feel like you’re never gonna make it on your own. Even though the feeling is crushing, we assure you it’s normal and most importantly, it is not permanent. You should always believe in yourself and keep going with your career plan. If you’re having trouble with your self-confidence, a great way to give yourself a boost is to buy fake high school diplomas or degree. When you see it, you’ll feel motivated to work harder and to challenge yourself to get a real diploma or degree. Us humans -by nature- feel the need to have physical proof of what we can do, so a fake diploma listed as a great recommendation by our staff members. Always keep in mind that people are different, and while some might find this an essential tool others might not. It really depends on the individual.

Should I get my resume cleaned-up to look more professional?

When you’re young and you don’t have lots of expertise, writing your resume feels like a joke. You don’t know exactly what to put in and you feel like it looks empty and no one will want to hire you. Don’t worry! Everybody has started out with a resume with very little experience. It’s only natural. If you want to make your resume look as professional and complete as possible, you might want to consider having it cleaned up by someone. It could be a professional who charges by it, or you could reach out to someone you know that has more experience than you. Someone else might target your strengths and abilities easier than you.

Should I take a MAPP test?

It’s ok not to be sure of what you want to do; in fact many people are in the same situation. Luckily, there’s a way to help people who feel like they haven't found their path, and it’s by taking the MAPP test. An assessment that consists of 71 questions you should answer without overthinking, the MAPP is designed to help people like you discover the possible career choices they could pursue in life. You can either take the test and have it analyzed by an expert to give you recommendations, or you can do it on your own and reflect on the results.

What are some good job platforms to join?

Our last but most recommended tool is to join online job platforms. Creating an account in LinkedIn will open many doors for you. Even if you don’t have much experience yet, there are thousands of applications for internships or volunteer work that can get you the experience you need. You’ll slowly build your resume and make important connections that can help you later in your career.

These are just some of many, many tools you can use in order to find your dream career. Remember that no path is “crazy” and, as long as you put your heart into it, you can achieve anything you set yourself!