resume that lacks college experience makes finding jobs difficult

Why is a College Education Important?

Even in it’s important to understand that there are many reasons why a college degree still matters. Whether it’s long term financial gain, stability in the job market, an overall career satisfaction or future success outside your current employee, all these things matter in today’s current economic market.

With so many job postings requiring a further education, not having a college degree can be one big thing standing between you and your success. That isn’t to say that an accredited college degree can’t offer significant impacts in other areas of your life.

College graduates earn more money

Even though today’s job market remains strong, meaning employee opportunities are there for those without without a degree, having an education from a college or university still makes a big difference. Case in point somebody with a bachelor’s degree earns more than $400 compared to somebody with a high school diploma. In a lifetime, a 2015 report found that the same average worker with a bachelor's would earn a million more.

Often you will hear those who push for a high school education over a college argue that by the time a college graduate enters the workforce, the high school graduate has begun working and earning an income making it difficult for the college graduate to catch up with a total lifetime of earnings. What the million dollar difference proves is even with the average cost of an undergraduate degree being roughly $69,200 (take an average cost of $17,300 per semester at a public institute multiplied by four semesters) you are still profiting a large amount on your investment to earn a college degree.

A College Education Can Improve your Happiness

Although far from surprising 97% of graduates surveyed with a bachelor’s degree or higher were happy or very happy. Compared to the 89% of adults without a college degree who reported the opposite feelings.