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These days customers seek faux diplomas from high schools and colleges. Often they are used as personal replacements. This is because they can be a backup copy safeguarding the original. Others find value as novelties or props. Yet there are some that need a pick-me-up and they see faux options as esteem boosters.

No matter why you want one, there are areas most important to consumers. Number one is often the quality of the document. Next is being sure, it will arrive soon. Last is finding a trustworthy print shop to do business with.

Why buy faux diplomas

As we stated there are many reasons why somebody might want one of these.

As a backup copy

Replacing a diploma can sometimes be stress-free. BUT no always. Often after losing or damaging a diploma, you may contact your school. In some cases the school can replace it. In other cases, due to supply-chain issues or other factors, it'll take awhile. By awhile we mean six to eight weeks! Other times schools only print one copy of a diploma when you graduate? Need a copy later? You're out of luck. In cases a faux diploma is not only more convenient but the only option.

As a prop or novelty

Here's the deal. A faux diploma can often look really real. For this reason they hold value as novelty props. Consider somebody who wanted to a fool a friend. They wanted to trick them into believing they graduated. Their friend did graduate from the same school? If so, less than a perfect diploma would stand out.

Other times movies and show will use these diplomas on the set. You've seen a movie where a diploma in hanging on a wall? Sometimes it's often in the corner and hard to see. Regardless, Hollywood uses these things all the time. The people wanting the diploma have to believe it's real. Movie directors are some of our toughest critics.

As an esteem booster

As more people get diplomas. Others don't. Feeling left out can be hard. There is also the factor of people struggling to gradate. There have been many cases of people who them to motivate. Imagine seeing a diploma with your name on it. Imagine showing a diploma to a dropout with their degree on it. The faux pushes them to return to school? The faux uplifts them. As an esteem lifter, such a document may hold tremendous value.

No matter why you want one, there a several factors that you expect. This is why choosing the right fit matters.

What's Most Important?

Like I said there are few factors customers expect.

  1. A high quality print. People want a faux that looks and feels real. Luckily there are companies that stock copies of real diplomas. They use them diplomas to recreate original templates. The template document the layout and structure of the real thing. These diplomas are used during the design process. They print shop pulls the appropriate template for your specific school. This ensures everything matches up.
  2. Getting a diploma fast. For a lot of people, they don't have much time. A good site with a large crew can easily design, print and package in a few hours. This ensures diplomas to your door by the next day. Can't wait? Ask about getting a digital copy instead. This is insane same day diplomas.
  3. Don't get scammed. It's important to find a shop that you can trust. Allowing extended hours and many ways to reach them is a start. Stay away from shops with limited support hours or a broken chat. Imagine needing help and having nowhere to turn.

How to buy faux diplomas

Most document print shops break down their offerings by categories. If you want a diploma from a high school, head over to the high school diploma section. Need a college diploma? Go to the college diploma section.

From there, you will find order forms that collect a series of details. All this is information necessary to create your document. These questions may include:

  1. Your name. This is your name as you want it displayed. Imagine getting your diploma package. Image opening it up and seeing your name printed on it. Whether it's faux or not, it's an awesome feeling.
  2. The school you’re graduating from. You can choose any school including your dream college or university.
  3. The date of your graduation. You can make this any date you want. Want it around the same time as the real one? No problem, just let the staff know.

Once all the details are filled out, the service is added to your cart. At checkout you will confirm where you want the diploma shipped. Your also confirmed how soon you need it and how you want to pay.

Once your completed order is submitted, the staff is noticed. They begin the process of researching what you want. This includes pulling the appropriate template and more. They then begin producing your custom-made diploma.

Once they've complete their work, they often package the document up and get it ready to ship. Between this last step, if you like, you can get a proof of the order. This added step lets you look over the designer's work before it leaves. You can check the dates, the degree and major. It lets you make sure it's prefect. Once you tell them it is, it's out the door. The shipping company takes over bringing the package from the warehouse to your door.

What happens after my faux diploma arrives?

All is well that ends well. Yet, the reality is things happen. Sometimes packages get damaged. Sometimes their may be a mistake on your diploma.

What's important is to relax. Your not left in the dark. A good site warranties their work and will make what is wrong right.

This is why communicating before ordering is important. Make sure chat and phone works. There may come a time you need help and need to know the staff remains available.

Where to buy faux diplomas

If you’re seeking faux diplomas, we urge you to check out Diploma Company. This is a diploma print shop whose been in business 10+ years. They provide high quality faux documents from high schools, colleges and universities. It's all 100% custom made.

They offer safe ways to pay. They ship with no mention of the website. Plus all their work is backed by their satisfaction guarantee!

Take a look at DiplomaCompany.com/en/ today. Their online store is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you want to talk to a staffer, they are here M-F 10AM-6PM CST. The support department can be reached via live chat or email. You can also call them toll-free at 001-866-687-5403.

No matter who you choose this , you wish you the best in your search.