Types Of College Degrees In The UK

Types Of College Degrees In The UK

Many students from worldwide aspire to get a bachelor’s degree in the UK. The universities of UK are very prestigious and renowned for their undergraduate courses. A degree from a British university can be a huge boost not only in terms of social relations but also for the career of an Individual. Many British universities provide multiple well-renowned courses and grant degrees that are recognized by employers and organizations with respect. That is why so many students from all over the world come to the UK to have their college education and set their career up. Many people would think that an undergraduate degree is the bachelor’s degree. It is true to some extent. However, there are six undergraduate degrees that you can achieve in the educational system of the UK. Let’s have a look at them.

Bachelor’s Degree

Also known as Baccalaureate or Undergraduate Degree, this course is designed in a manner that you could get a good understanding on the subject that you are pursuing. In most cases, in the UK, one would require around three years to complete the course of a bachelor’s degree. However, in some cases, one could have to study for four years in order to get labelled as a bachelor’s degree holder. In the UK colleges and universities, one has the option to choose from a wide range of subjects while pursuing the degree. Also, there are multiple degrees one could earn in the UK such as Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), and Bachelor of Education (BEd). Here is a short list of the programs you could go for while studying at a university in the UK.

  • Anthropology and Archaeology
  • Social sciences (sociology, psychology, etc)
  • Classical history
  • English (Literature, etc)
  • Computer Science
  • Business (economics, management)
  • Law
  • Medical fields/pre-medical fields
  • Music and arts
  • Engineering
  • Philosophy
  • Sciences (earth sciences, biology, chemistry)
  • Mathematics
  • Theology and Religion

Foundation Degrees

If you are someone who has opted for employment after finishing the secondary education then foundation degree could the one you should look to obtain. It is a course which will take two years to complete and it is equivalent to an honours degree course with an option of extending the course for a year to complete the Honours degree course. This course is quite similar to what some would remark as an apprenticeship or internship. Another degree course quite similar to this foundation degree course is the Higher National Diploma (HND). However, in order to qualify for the third year, one needs to obtain a substantial mark on the subject.

Diplomas and Certificates of Higher Education

These two certificates are quite similar to the two listed prior. These first two years of the two courses are equivalent to the bachelor’s degree whereas there is an option of extending the course to one more year and make the degree equivalent to an honours degree. Diplomas of Higher Education (DipHE) is meant for a particular profession in social work or medicine (such as nursing) whereas the Certificates of Higher Education (CertHE) are meant to help you gain confidence and help you change careers or progress in your current career.

Master’s Degrees

Master’s degree is generally associated with the postgraduate degree; some universities in the UK have started a specialized undergraduate Master’s Degree program. This is an uncommon programme for someone to pursue. However, this course has really appealed to those who are looking to get straight into the postgraduate study after obtaining their degree.

So, if you are looking to obtain a degree for a college or university in the UK then these undergraduate degrees can help you to boost your career.