A black and brass gel pen sitting onto of a doctorate of philosophy diploma from a university

The True Meaning of a Fake Diploma

A lot of people come across the term of fake diplomas or online degrees and ask the difference between them. These terms may seem vague at first, but when you dig deeper, you will come to an understanding. The simple explanation of a phony diploma is that it is a document that looks exactly like an original diploma certificate received from an institution. There are changes made in the document to makes a replica certificate that matches a real one.

Fake Degree Company vs Degree Mills

The quality if a fake certificate depends mostly on the company you choose along with their expertise and experience. The fake diploma is in no way the same as that of an original certificate, and these documents should only be used for personal use or as a replacement of a real document. Companies providing such services are always transparent with the terms and conditions that make them legal as compared to degree mills. Degree mills set up fake institutions that have no legal value and are taken down shortly.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Fake Diploma

There is nothing wrong with purchasing a fake diploma, as it is a personal decision of a buyer. However, you should understand that you are open to potential swindles and frauds if you do not know the fake documentation industry. You need to consider a few points that will help you make the right decision. These points will also alert you of any potential trouble you might face during your purchase process.

Factor 1: Breach of Personal Information

When you decide to buy a fake diploma certificate, keep in mind that you will be required to submit your personal information. Your information will be used to validate the degree and will be used to fill the document. Terms of privacy indicate that once a job is complete, the data is erased from the database. Scamming companies keep such information and sell it without customer consent. To avoid such sharing of information, always read the privacy policy before finalizing the proceedings.

Factor 1: Payment Process

When you finalize your fake diploma purchase, you will be required to make a payment transaction. The company you choose should have a valid payment method that is verified. If that company asks you to pay via a third party payment system, you should immediately halt the payment as well as your order. There are likely chances that scammers can hijack your card information and use it for other illegal activities. Always go for a service that has a reliable payment system or Visa/Master merchant to make payments.

Factor 1: Delivery Frauds

The most important part of the fake diploma purchase process is the delivery. However, what will happen in case you do not receive your order? There are likely chances that scammers will not deliver you the desired document after they have received the payment. They may stop picking your calls or stall you until they close their operations entirely. To avoid such consequences, always go for trusted sources like Diploma Company and check the reviews section for authenticity.

Other Thoughts

  • Companies that keep you in constant communication during fake diploma purchase and design process are authentic
  • Do not for the first option you find straight away, do a bit more research and shortlist other services also
  • Carefully study the service by looking at their samples and picture gallery. They will give you an insight into the offerings and design details
  • Do read the review section carefully to extract validated information
  • Never hesitate to ask for recommendations from experts