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  1. Every fake high school transcript is 100% custom-made!
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All 50 USA States & Canada Territories!

Enjoy 100% custom-made, incredibly realistic fake high school transcripts! We print each request on high-end security paper with actual USA & Canada classes, adjusted grade averages, graduation dates, and much more!

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  • Great for pranking friends or fooling someone.
  • Can serve as a source of motivation for dropouts or struggling students.
  • Inspiring tools for those who want to pursue their goals.
  • Can be used as personal replacements for lost records.

Why Choose Us?

  • Free proofs provided for you to sample our work and ensure your satisfaction before it leaves our facility.
  • Quick turnaround! Requests ship in Mar 05 or less and will be delivered by Apr 25! Need it faster? You can ask for a same day copy when placing an order. With this option, a digital copy will be sent by the end of the business day!
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How to Get Fake High School Transcripts

  1. Choose a High School Transcript Option:
    • We have options for Canada (such as Toronto, Vancouver, etc.) and the USA (such as New York, Florida, etc.).
  2. Fill in Order Details on the Product Page:
    • Enter the Name of Testing Location
    • Provide Your Name
    • Select the Date of Passing:
      • This shows when the test was completed. Usually in the USA, it's in late May or early June, and it's similar in Canada.
  3. Add Item to Your Cart:
    • Provide information such as the shipping address for the final document, payment method, etc.
  4. Submit Order:
    • Once an order number is assigned, our design team gets to work. We review the details of your order, choose the appropriate class list, transcript layout, and more.
    • If you want to review our work, we will show you the document for your feedback. After your approval or if you opt out of any proofs, the document is packaged up and shipped out.
    • The final work is printed on proper paper and/or stamped and embossed to provide a realistic final transcript.
  5. After Arrival:
    • Remember, we provide 90-days to spot any issues, and we back all of our work with a risk-free guarantee. Buy fake transcript services including those from high schools risk-free today!

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Fake High School Transcripts