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Save 5% with coupon code: FAST5 this . That is the word "FAST" plus the number "5". The only restriction for the 5% off is that the cart must have $79.00 USD or more of merchandise.

Other Discounts

In-house promotions that we often run are a great way to save. Another option is to get a fake diploma with transcripts. In this case, bundling both can save 20% or more!

Please call 001-866-687-5403 and speak to sales about any deals we can offer today. Our lines are open M-F 10 am to 5 pm CST. We do our best to work within budgets and offer great deals that work for everybody.

At Diploma Company, you're always ensured:

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Coupon Disclaimer

Discounts tend to reset at the end of each month. We will then decide to cancel any current coupon promotions, continue them, or make changes.