DiplomaCompany Coupon Code and Discount Savings

Save 5% with coupon code: FAST5 this . That is the word "FAST" plus the number "5". The only restriction for the 5% off is that the cart must have $79.00 USD or more of merchandise.

Additional Discounts

A lot of customers considering both a fake diploma and transcripts, don't know that they can save money by buying both documents. We offer document bundles that instantly slash 20% or more off the normal price total! This is a great discount to take advantage of.

Other Ways We Help You Save

  1. Packages delivered at the lowest fees possible!
  2. We send proofs of your order to look over at no added charge!
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Please call 001-866-687-5403 and speak to sales about any additional deals we can offer. Our lines are open M-F 10 am to 5 pm CST. We do our best to work within budgets and offer great deals that work for everybody.

Coupon Disclaimer

At the end of each month, discounts offered through our coupon promotions may be subject to change. We reserve the right to cancel existing coupon promotions, extend them, or modify them in any way we deem appropriate.