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Signed diploma from GED testing centre in USA featuring shiny gold embossed state seal from 2005 on fancy blue border certificate paper
SAVE -24%
€90.72 €68.72
Arts and science diploma from USA college on fancy border paper featuring shiny gold embossed state seal
SAVE -16%
€194.27 €164.03
Australia university seal from December of 2000 with red school seal and colourful yellow crest on fancy blue border paper
SAVE -15%
€214.44 €182.36

When Do Sales & Discounts Expire?

Above you will see some of our services that are currently on sale. This does not include ALL services currently discounted.

Typically, every few months, we rotate specials and add new services. As with any custom services like fake diplomas and fake transcripts, prices are subject to change due to overhead costs, etc. Be sure to take advantage of these low prices today.

Are There Other Ways to Save?

  • If you're considering both a diploma and transcript, take a look at our sets. With fake diplomas and transcripts you can save 20% or more by bundling services.
  • Also, be sure to check out current coupons and discount codes that you can use at checkout!
  • Getting a digital copy of your order rather than paying to have it shipped, could be another way to save.