Schools We WIll Not Print

List of Schools Restricted from Printing

If you represent a school and would like us NOT to print any sort of novelty documents featuring the name of your school or institute, please send us a message. We are very open in working with you and ask that you contact us first and allow us to handle the issue before taking other means. We will honor your request.

The following schools are on our current restricted list:

  • University of California (All Campuses)
  • University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • University of Southern California (USC)
  • California State University (All Campuses)
  • Tennessee (All Colleges and Universities)
  • Excel High School
  • Excel College

We have also been asked to not produce any Collegiate Licensing Company member institutions. You can check that list on their website.

What if I request a document from a school, later realizing it is restricted from printing?

When you order online, you must agree to our terms and conditions which state (among many factors) that you have read through this list of current restricted schools, at the time of your purchase, and are requesting a school that is not banned.