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Tom Caldrin

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  • They refused to leave my package on the door so it was delayed. Didn't get it til the following day. Frustrating.

  • Sorry to hear about a this. Yes, a lot of times the delivery driver will not leave a package on the door step because so many boxes get stolen off of porches these days. It's just the unfortunate reality. You can try leaving a note telling the drive you authorize him to do it but may still not feel comfortable. I wish this was not the case. I am glad you finally your fake diploma from Washington High.

Roderick Ingram

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  • Best products I've seen yet after trying two other sites. Service is the best too. During the day got somebody on the phone til after 5 which is amazing. They are very professional and easy to work with. I am very pleased with how my documents came out.

Kelsi Murry

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  • I was nervous before ordering. There is so much you can read online but I have to say what I got was very legitimate and the service is exceptional. If you want a diploma, this is the best choice hands down.

Veola Gaddy

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  • Shocked by how fast this was.

Camille Nelson

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  • Very good stuff. I will tell my friend.

Rosendo Villasenor

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  • I have to say if you are tired of dealing with scams, these guys run a great site.

Gino Burkholder

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  • omg. So quick.

Arline Diamond

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Markus Chun

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  • I tried this FakeDiplomasNow site and got screwed after sending $600. These guys were very professional and so helpful. I have to say I am so happy to have found this site.

Annabell Chaney

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  • I bought a ged diploma and high school diploma in the same order. I was surprised when both documents arrived two days later. I asked the rep after ordering if I could get two extra copies of each diploma, even though I did not request them in my initial order. They were kind enough to add these two additional copies are not additional charge to me.The only difference I can is the signatures aren't exact the site was clear about this upon ordering. The signatures do look real, in a sense, because they use real names so it looks legit but just not a duplicate of the old principal or board members from 1988. Still very happy and I would order again if I need comes.

  • Yeah, we don't forge signatures. We can always leave the lines blank if you want to try to use specific sigs in place of what we we would use.

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