How to Use Our Ticket System

Diploma Company uses a ticket system instead of email to communicate with customers about navigating the website, answering questions about products and services, order proofs or fill out our contact form here. Once you have done so, our website instantly generates a custom ticket just for you! We then send you an email with a link to access the ticket from our website. Once the staff has responded to your questions/concerns, you will be sent another email inviting you to come back to the same ticket url to view our response! Once you respond, at any time, our staff is notified that you have written us, informing us that it's time to respond ourselves. The entire communication takes place through the ticket system we have in place and not over email. Email is simply used to inform you of updates to your ticket.

Can I just reply back to your email and not go to the ticket page to write back?

No, all replies to your ticket alert email will not be sent. They will be ignored. Again, you must talk to us through the ticket system (not email), so make sure you click the special link, go to your ticket and respond from there. If we let you respond through email, it would defeat the purpose of having a secured communication system where everything you say is through the ticket and not email.

How can I access my tickets?

Again, we will send you an email alert reminding you of active tickets and a direct link to access them online! If you registered an account on , you can log into your account to view all tickets associated with your email. View the following instructions below for more information.

Step 1: Log into your Account.

If you registered on our website, go to our account page here and sign-in. If you forgot your password, don't worry, you can reset it from the sign-in page. If you have not registered an account, you may do so here. Again, if this is too complicated and you do no wish to create accounts, access to your tickets are still granted via special links in your email alerts. This is simply another way to access the tickets.

Step 2: Once logged into your acocunt, click HELP DESK from the DASHBOARD to view current tickets.

The "Help Desk" section will list all tickets, active or inactive and sort them by departments. You can see conversations you are having with our customer support staff and/or any conversations with production involving order samples. You can even create new tickets from the dashboard also. Although we recommend you do not stat new tickets, if there are already open conversations discussing the same or similar questions/concerns.

What if I need additional help using the ticket system?

Although it is fairly easy to figure out, if you need support during normal support hours which are M-F 10AM-5PM EST, you can call us or chat live with a support agent. If you need help with other areas of our site, be sure to check out our help guide .