Answers to Transcript Questions

How legit is the coursework featured on custom transcripts?

a closeup of academic coursework and classes on a novelty transcript printOur production department stocks standard coursework for a variety of degrees and majors. This list may not match specific classes taken at particular high schools, universities, or colleges. Instead, it is common classes that relate to your specific area of study. Usually, customers find this list acceptable since the classes match close enough. An example of differences, might be us using "English 101" and a school calling the same course "English Intro". We have been selling documents with our standard coursework for years now. Through it all, roughly 90% of clients find upgrading coursework to be unnecessary. We are confident to say you will be very pleased with your custom document.

If you demand something more, you are more than welcome to request "custom coursework". With this, you will provide the coursework you want displayed on your transcript. You can be as precise as you'd like. You can provide us classes and let us choose the grades and the order of courses. You can also provide a list of classes and scores, in the order you want them in. We provide details on editing our transcript file yourself. We also provide more details about our custom options on specific service pages where we sell transcripts.

Keep in mind, whether it's a complete custom job or not, like everything else we do, it's backed by our risk-free guarantee. Just know that we have your back and you will be taken care of.

What kind of transcript paper do you use?

We use transcript security paper for most requests. This is specially ordered "Official Document" paper. It's the same type of paper most universities or colleges, high schools and testing centers would use when printing academic records! The highlights of this paper include:

  1. When photocopied, the words "COPY" appear - exactly like a real academic transcript!
  2. Standard or custom coursework options
  3. A watermarked logo in background*
  4. "Grading Key" on back
Do you include holograms?
up-close look at a security hologram on a set of transcripts

We can use self-destructing holograms on any final prints. They are added as a security feature. Sometimes we omit if the real transcript does not feature one.

When should my graduation or passing date be?

If you know what you want, just tell us. Sometimes customers needing a personal replacement don't recall or it's needed as a novelty and they're unsure what to put. Graduate dates often change depending on the type of degree. For transcripts from ged testing locations, there really is no proper date because usually tests are taken year round. Regarding transcripts from high schools, graduations are usually late May, usually. With transcripts from colleges and universities, we recommend using a May or June graduation date. If you are unsure of what date to provide, leave this field blank on the order form. Later, we can research the most appropriate date and fill this part in on your behalf.

Can you add a "transcript key" to the back of my transcript?

Lots of customers ask about keys. What is a transcript key? A key tells somebody how to understand the transcript. It may explain how a grading scale works, what a symbol may mean, info on course numbers, transcript terminology, etc. We often add a key to all high school and college transcript requests. This is printed on the back of the paper but can be voided at your request.

Do you emboss your transcripts?

official labelled registrar stamp on fake transcript printYes. All of our transcripts are embossed with a stamp that reads "official records". Often when you request transcripts from a school, they are embossed. To make ours look legit, we emboss our transcripts also. This is one of the many add-ons that help make these transcripts a popular hit with our customers.

The stamp is applied using embossing plates that are engraved with our own registrar seal. These plates push the seal onto the transcript

What if I need a particular field of study on my transcripts?

Like we said before, we stock coursework for many popular degrees. If you have a degree that you feel is extremely uncommon, you may want to contact us first. You can also upgrade to custom coursework. We are pretty much willing to print any type of degree you wish except for law and medical degrees. This regulation applies to both diplomas and transcripts. Diploma Company will not print those types of degrees under any circumstances.

What if I have more questions about transcript options?

Our staff will gladly answer any questions or concerns. Please give us a call at 866-687-5403 or message us over chat.

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