What is a Fake Transcript?

Understanding a Fake Transcript

A fake transcript is a detailed recreation of a certified academic record issued by an educational institution. This authentic-looking document displays a list of classes or courses along with grades earned, mimicking those on a real transcript. It includes details about the student, such as their name, address, date of birth, courses or subjects taken, and passing dates. Just like official transcripts, a fake transcript is printed on security paper and may include registrar embossing, anti-tampering holograms, signatures, and other security features.

About Our Custom Fake Transcripts

The fake transcripts we provide are 100% custom-made using our catalog of formats. Each transcript can represent high school, college, or university classes for a related field of study. All scores are calculated to show a preferred final score or average overall passing scores.

Find the Best Fake Transcripts by Educational Level

Each transcript is inspired by authentic student-issued records, offering customers an authentic-looking document that can be used as an unofficial copy, personal replacement, realistic prop, and more.