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"You guys have worked with me from day one, through the entire design process. Sorry I was difficult to work with but I read so many things online and wasn't sure what to believe. In the end, what you gave me was an amazing documents that matched very well to my actual issued degree.

Brayden Herron

Sydney, Australia

"You guys by far and away have the best customer support there is. Could not get anybody on chat over at another site. Very professional and well run! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Norma Gilbert

Iowa, USA

"Had heard a lot of good things about the type of certificates that you guys make for schools that are state side. Was unsure of what to expect when I required a German cert from my old university degree. Very pleased. The quality was spot on and reminded me so much of what I once had.

Oliver Dahn


"I am very grateful to Diploma Company who helped me out after misplacing my old high school diploma. Chris over in customer support spent a great deal of time with me, explaining the options and making sure my diploma shipped out that day. I was very pleased with the results and were certainly recommend them to whoever needs this kind of service.

Bernard T.


"This past fall, my sis was visiting from sydney 'n' was going to show her off her graduate certificate to my parents. i myself was struggling in my school during my senior year, but had watched a diploma... so my sis wouldn't steal all of the attention. the staff at dc kept telling me that the diploma would look realsitic but i had my doubts. wish i hadn't, because the final product was amazing!!! my sis was so jealous 'n' totally bought it!

Sophie Burke-Gaffney

Mangalore, Victoria, Australia

"The school I graduated from had closed about six years ago and after misplacing my diploma, I had a really difficult time trying to get a misplacement made. I was shocked when Diploma Company told me that they could help replace it. Very pleased with the final product, which reminded me a lot of my old document.

Rebecca Morris

New York, USA