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Transcript FAQ and Buying Guide

We offer two different ways to buy transcripts through our website. Depending on the type you want, time frames for production and cost may vary.

Fake Transcripts created from realistic standard layouts

Are most popular option is transcripts created using standard layouts, which include layouts commonly found on actual high school and college academic transcripts. These layout captures many elements commonly found on real transcripts such as the school's details, student's name, student's id, date of birth and more. Overall it is the most cost effective and recommended solution for shoppers.

What if I need a particular field of study on my transcripts?

There are no exceptions, except law and medical which applies for all products (both diplomas and transcripts). Diploma Company does not print these kinds of documents under any circumstance.

Are your transcripts embossed?

Yes, just like real transcripts have, our high quality fake transcripts come embossed with a seal marking them "official" property.

What kind of transcript paper do you use?

We use specially ordered "Official Document" security paper, similar paper to that used by many popular universities, colleges, high schools, and testing centers! The benefits of this paper include:

  1. When photocopied the words "COPY" appear - exactly like a real academic transcripts!
  2. Tamper Proof Holograms ** Look Below **
  3. Standard or custom coursework options
  4. A watermarked logo in background*
  5. "Grading Key" on back

How realistic is the courswork used on your custom transcripts?

Our production department carries a standard list of classes needed to earn certain degree and majors. This list does not necessarily match the actual classes and courses offered by a particular university or college, but is a general reference to classes commonly required for such a degree. We use this information when creating standard transcripts. With standard transcripts, we can adjust the overall final grade but can't dictate grades for certain classes, the order of classes, etc. If you like a special list of classes in a certain order with particular grades and markings, you will need to upgrade to our custom transcript option and then submit complete coursework details to our production department, after your order has been submitted. More details about our custom transcript option is available on specific product pages where we sell transcripts.

What graduation or passing date should I use?

For our Fake GED Transcripts there really is no proper date because in most cases GED tests are taken all year round. For our Fake College Transcripts, we recommend a graduation in May or June. If you are unsure of what day to pick, leave this blank and we can pull recommended dates to use.

Can you add a "transcript key" to the back of my transcripts and what is it?

In most cases, we can add a transcript key which talks about the grading scale, how grades are earned, etc. This is common feature found on the back of most transcripts.


Replica transcripts created from scans submitted by customers

This is a special request, but with this option we will replicate a set of academic transcripts via a scan you provide of an existing set.  How close our work will match to your scan, will be discussed with you - in great detail - before you place an order.. The process of replicating a scanned transcript does require additional work, may delay production and may greatly increase the cost. If you are interested in this, be sure to speak with customer service asap.

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