How Fake Diploma Props Enhance Hollywood Scenes

Imagine you're comfortably watching a movie in your living room. In one scene, an actress portraying a patient visits her doctor's office. As the doctor enters the room, the camera pans around his office, revealing a wall adorned with what appear to be diplomas. However, these diplomas aren't authentic academic achievements—they're carefully crafted fake diploma props, strategically placed to enhance the character of the doctor and lend authenticity to the scene.

Perhaps you've never paid much attention to these subtle movie details before. These fake diploma props for movies play a crucial role beyond mere decoration. They're essential elements that contribute to the authenticity and realism of the film.

A Fake Diploma Prop Can Be More Than a Background Character

dipoma props in movies and tv showsdipoma props in movies and tv shows

Just like example of the doctor's office, there are millions of cinematic productions that make use of diploma props in movies. Sometimes what looks like a diploma is placed in the background. Other times, a diploma is both seen and discussed as a significant plot point.

In "Legally Blonde" (2001), starring Reese Witherspoon, is a fashion-forward sorority girl who decides to pursue a law degree. Throughout the film, Elle's journey is marked by her determination to succeed in a challenging academic environment where she initially faces skepticism and prejudice due to her appearance and background. The movie uses the diploma as a tangible representation of Elle's transformation and success, demonstrating that she is not only capable of excelling in academics but also maintaining her unique personality and values. In this way the diploma prop, a fake diploma from Harvard, which she receives during her graduation scene becomes a meaningful element of the story, highlighting Elle's journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Other Ways Diploma Props are Used on Set

Diploma props are commonly used in movies to convey specific narrative elements or character traits. Here are some common ways in which diploma props are utilized:

  • Symbol of Achievement: Diplomas are often used to symbolize a character's academic or professional achievement. Displaying a diploma can establish a character's background, expertise, or qualifications within the story.
  • Character Background: Diplomas can serve as visual cues to provide backstory or context about a character's education and career. They can suggest a character's level of expertise, intelligence, or specialization.
  • Motivation or Ambition: In some films, characters may be shown aspiring to earn a diploma or degree, reflecting their motivation, ambition, or desire for personal growth and success.
  • Turning Point: Diplomas can be used to mark a significant turning point in a character's journey. For example, a graduation scene can represent a character's transition from one phase of life to another.
  • Status Symbol: Diplomas can be used to highlight social status or prestige. Displaying diplomas from prestigious institutions can convey a character's elite background or accomplishments.
  • Contrast or Irony: Sometimes, diplomas can be used ironically or to create contrast. For instance, a character with an impressive diploma may struggle in real-life situations, highlighting the gap between academic success and practical skills.
  • Narrative Device: Diplomas can be used as plot devices to drive the story forward. For example, a character's quest to obtain a diploma could be a central plotline or subplot.

Overall, diploma props in movies serve as effective visual tools to enhance characterization, convey themes, and advance the narrative, adding depth and authenticity to the storytelling.

Fun Fact: Movie Props Edition

Did you know? In the movie 'Superbad' (2007), one of the characters, Seth, is shown holding a prop — a fake high school diploma — during a graduation scene. Upon closer inspection, the prop reveals humorous details such as the school name 'George Washington Carver High School' and the graduation date of 'June 3, 2007,' which is the film's release date. This attention to detail enhances the comedic tone of the movie and adds a layer of realism to the character's background.

Examples of Props of Diplomas in Movies & Shows

In 'Nutty Professor 2,' there's a memorable office scene where the main character enters for a conversation. As the camera pans the room, our attention is drawn to the wall adorned with neatly framed college diplomas. These diplomas serve as decorative props, hinting at the character's academic background and adding authenticity to the office setting.

In this scene from 'Patch Adams,' we are transported to an office setting where attention is drawn to the décor on the wall. As the camera pans, framed diplomas catch our eye, prominently displayed behind glass. These diplomas symbolize the professional achievements of the character, adding a touch of authenticity to the scene and providing insight into their background and expertise.

In another memorable moment from 'Patch Adams,' the film showcases a grand graduation scene where actors portraying graduates are presented with diplomas. While the diplomas themselves are not shown in close-up detail, they serve as essential props within the scene, symbolizing the characters' academic accomplishments and marking a significant milestone in their journey.

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