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  1. Why some struggle to land a diploma copy

    Imagine being asked one day, out of the blue, for a copy of your diploma. Maybe this has happened to you? Maybe somebody is requesting a copy of your diploma right now? Sometimes people are thrown off guard by this request. This is likely because diplomas are either something we hold dear and cherish and protect or a document quickly forgotten about forcing us to ask ourselves this , “Where in the world is that thing?

    Jessie Mccoy’s situation is all too common for some. She graduated from a private school in Michigan back in 2003. After graduation, the school mailed her out a diploma with her name on it, dates, the school seal, etc. Instead of havin

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  2. Buy Faux Diplomas from High Schools and Colleges

    During the academic years of 2015 to 2016, nearly two million American college students earned a bachelor's degree. When you hear figures like that sometimes you can feel left out without a diploma. If your currently attending school or college is way off and only in your distant future, that’s fine! You can always buy a faux diploma for the time being.

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  3. Now Accepting Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin!

    Looking to buy fake diplomas this ? Diploma Company is pleased to announce that it accepts popular crypto currencies like BitCoin and LiteCoin for it's customers.

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  4. Best Fake Degrees with Verification

    Often customers will ask us about verification services that are available with the purchase of their fake degrees. Diploma Company does not offer a verification service but if this is important to you, there are some sites operating this May that do. We'd like to offer up a few recommendations when deciding which one of these alternative services to use.

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  5. Why free fake diplomas lack the realism you want!

    Often people like yourself will begin their search for fake diplomas only to realize that they can get pretty expensive. These days you may find articles about fake diplomas on Reddit and other message boards only to hear the top complaint being how much they cost. Although there are some cases of cheap fake diplomas online, the reality is the higher quality ones will often go between $80 to $200 each making them not affordable for many folks. Consumers will also seek free fake diplomas online believing they can achieve the same quality at no cost. What results for many is a free diploma but one that lacks the quality to be considered passable resulting in an epic fail.

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  6. Buy a Fake Degree from a Real University

    Michele Haynes always wanted to be a “barney” but unlike his father, he didn’t have the grades after high school to attend the prestigious university. He wanted a fake degree from the real university as a piece of memorabilia to show his support for the school. Sure he could have gotten a big red jacket with a big letter “H” on it but he opted for a degree just like his father had.

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  7. Why College Education is Critical in Today's Economical Climate

    Even in it’s important to understand that there are many reasons why a college degree still matters. Whether it’s long term financial gain, stability in the job market, an overall career satisfaction or future success outside your current employee, all these things matter in today’s current economic market.
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  8. Be smart when buying fake diplomas

    Unquestionably, people nowadays tend to judge others based on their preparation and academic achievements. While these two are important, we know work and life experience are also very valuable, probably even more than a formal education. And, as you might know, the ultimate proof of a person’s middle or superior education is a diploma. Hanging proudly on your wall, a diploma can open many doors for you as well as make you feel ten times more confident about yourself.

    But sometimes for many reasons, it’s not possible to obtain a diploma and complete your studies. When this happens, people tend to feel insecure, less valuable and even a little depressed. There’s a quick solution for this and it’s to obtain a fake diploma. These pieces of paper can do wonders for you

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  9. Is Buying a Fake Diploma Illegal? The Epic Legal Debate!

    It’s very common for articles you spot online to jump to conclusions when it comes to subject matters they know nothing about. The legality of fake diplomas is certainly one of these subjects.

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  10. Buy Fake Florida Diplomas and Transcripts

    Maybe you've seen a fake diploma prop on a tv show you've watched? Maybe you've heard stories about a struggling Florida graduate who was inspired to get their real degree through the power of a novelty? There are great reasons why people buy fake diplomas in .

    When it comes to finding high quality fake diplomas and transcripts from the state of Florida, Diploma Company provides a number of options. As a professional printing company that specializes in custom printed novelty diplomas, we can help you. Our products make personal replacements for lost or damaged diplomas. They can help boost your self-esteem or fool a friend as a high quality fake.

    Since 2006, we’ve built a reputation as the Internet's leading provider o

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