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  1. What is a Fake Honorary Degree?

    What is an Honorary Degree?

    Sometimes referred to a master’s degree or a doctorate, this is a type of degree that is awarded after waiving typical requirements like a residence or dissertation. The degree is often seen as a way to honor one's contributions to a specific field or to society as a whole.

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  2. Now Accepting Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin!

    Looking to buy fake diplomas this ? Diploma Company is pleased to announce that it accepts popular cryptocurrencies like BitCoin and LiteCoin for its customers.

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  3. Fake Bachelors Degree from Australia

    What is a Bachelor's Degree?

    They provide initial preparation for professional careers and postgraduate studies and involve a minimum of three years of study time. There is also a bachelor's degree honours that are awarded based on academic achievements and can add an additional year to your studies.

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  4. Is Buying a Fake Diploma Illegal? The Epic Legal Debate!

    It’s very common for articles you spot online to jump to conclusions when it comes to subject matters they know nothing about. The legality of fake diplomas is certainly one of these subjects.

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  5. Land Great Paying Jobs in Australia without Degrees!

    There was a time when having a degree was the most important factor you could have when hunting for great paying positions. Now in that is certainly not the case. There are many great paying jobs all across Australia that do not require a degree and a piece of paper from a college or university and we’re here to break these down for you.

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