Get a Free Proof of Your Order Before It Ships Out!

At Diploma Company Australia, we allow customers to proof our work. This allows you to check over diplomas, transcripts or certificates we make before they ship. You can make sure it's prefect before it leaves. The option doesn't cost you an extra penny and you simply need to request it when you order. Just be aware that samples take time to do. It also takes time for you to approve our work. This time may cause delays in getting your documents. More information is available when you order.

What are the differences between my proof and what Diploma Company Australia actually sends me?

The free drafts we send let you preview the document's structure, text, and seal placement. This gives you, for example, a chance to make sure the classes and grades on a transcript are correct. It lets you verify the diploma's degree and major. It is a digital watermarked copy of the document and a great way to check over the item's content. The proof are not photos of a finished products or a scan of documents we plan to ship you. This means that certain elements such as the paper used during the final printing will not be visible.

How are proofs sent to me to preview?

All proofs are sent to clients using our secured online ticket system. This system allows a customer to communicate directly with the designer working on their order. Once we have made your document(s) and they are ready to be viewed, an email is sent to you. This email contains a special link to access your proof through our ticket system. You can download your document as an attachment, and can even save it your computer. It's also important to be aware that all documents attached from our ticket system are watermarked to protect our work from getting into the wrong hands. If any of this is an issue for you, please address your concerns with our company prior to requesting a proof. We will see what exceptions if any, can be made.

How long after I place an order, will it take for my proof to be ready?

We create samples for orders while the staff is working during the day. Obviously orders that don't get a sample, because they are in a more of a hurry and denied the sample request, will ship out sooner. Yet, if you get your order in by 'noon of the same workday, you are likely to get the sample by the end of the same business day. Some extra delays may include extremely complex requests. Often we will write to you though the ticket system if we plan on long delays. This way we can at least begin the communication process between our designers and customers.

Questions: I ordered, some time has passed, but I still don't have my proof!

We apologize for any delays in getting your proof. Have you checked what day of the week it is? Remember our design staff only works Monday thru Friday so if you ordered on a weekend, you may need to wait til they return. But there is a chance that the sample was sent but you never got our email alert. Sometimes emails can end up in your junk folder, so be sure to check for them there. If you still can't find it, reach out to us so we can locate your tracking id and send it you asap. You can then use the id to see your sample at the ticket system.

Please note the certain email clients such as gMail or hotmail will often accidentally delete new emails if your settings are blocking us. We can not fix this, but by adding our address to your contact list (ie: safe list) it should allow future communication between us and you. If you still need assistance, please contact us and we can verify your ticket number and provide a direct link to it.

What other ways can I use to view my ticket?

Please follow these steps.

  1. Go to our login page.
  2. Log into your account under "Registered Customers" using your user name and password.
    1. Forgot your password, you can have the system send you a password reminder.
    2. When you bought your item, you checked out as a guest? No problem, register for a full account here. Make sure to use the SAME email you used when checking out as a guest and the system will upgrade you from a guest account to a full account.
  3. Once logged into, view your dashboard on the left hand sidebar called "My Account" and then look for "Help Desk".
    1. There may be multiple tickets from different departments but the tickets from the SAMPLE department will pertain to proofs.

How long do I have to proof my order? What if I don't respond to my sample at all?

All of our orders placed with a credit card are active for 9 days only. In most cases orders ship in 24 business days, so the 9 day limit is never an issue. Samples on the other hand, can cause delays. Any sample tickets left unresponsive meaning you never replied back, work by a designer never approved by you or orders not canceled by you within that 9 day period, will ship out (as is) and your card will be charged. Any reprints or replacement requests made afterwards may be subject to reprint fees which you can preview here. These fees cover a small percentage of the original order to cover supplies and resources necessary to recreate the order. Now, if the error was made by our staff meaning we wrote your name or dates wrong, a reprint will be issued for free but if the error was made in part due to inaccurate data you supplied on your order form and data you could have spotted with a sample you chose to ignore, the reprint fees will be required. We believe this is a fair and honest system to encourage people to take our sample process seriously and prevent delays which slow down the production process for every customer.

Keep in mind the 9 day limit is counting all days. So if you order a product late Friday or over the weekend, we can't start on it til Monday and by Monday, a few days may have already been taken up on that 9 day window. At the end of the day, if you check your tickets and respond none of this will matter.