Get a Free Proof of Your Order Before It Ships Out!

At Diploma Company Australia, we know that you want an opportunity to check over our work before any final documents are shipped out. Our free proofing service is this opportunity. This allows you to preview any custom diplomas, transcripts or certificates we've designed for you before they leave our warehouse. You can make sure that the work we've done is 100% good to go before it leaves for the last time. The option doesn't cost you a penny more! Simply request a free proof of your order when you place an order online. Just be aware that samples take added time to do. This is because it takes time to prep a document to be previewed and time for you to look over our work and approve it or request changes. This additional step may cause delays in getting your documents shipped out.

Is the proof a photocopy of exactly what Diploma Company Australia sends me?

No. What we sent you is a layout of the format. In the case of a diploma or certificate, you get to preview the document's structure, fonts, signature count, seal placement and more. In the case of a custom transcript, you get to preview coursework and grades. Again the purpose is to check the content, make sure names and dates are correct. Once we get your approval, the document goes into the shipping stage where the correct paper and seals and other elements are applied. The final document on proper paper with proper seals etc, will look MUCH BETTER than the proof and the proof should not be considered a final representation of what will be shipped to you.

It is a digital watermarked copy of the document and a great way to check over the item's content. The proof are not photos of a finished products or a scan of documents we plan to ship you. This means that certain elements such as the paper used during the final printing will not be visible.

How are proofs sent to me to preview?

All proofs are sent to customers through our secured ticketing system. This system allows a customer to communicate directly with one of our designers working on their order. Once a preview is ready to be viewed, an email alert is sent to you with instructions on how to access your unique ticket. When using our ticketing system, you can download any attachments to your PC and speak directly to the designer about necessary changes or to approve their work. Please note that any attached files sent through the ticketing system are watermarked as any work we do must be labeled as our property until they leave the warehouse and become yours.

How long after I order and request a proof, is a proof ready to view?

Our design staff and production team is here M-F 10AM-6PM CST. Yet, our delivery driver shows up earlier than that to pick up shipments for the day. This being the case, any new shipments must be approved and packaged and ready to ship by 'noon of the current business day. Because things can be pretty hectic at the office closer to our cutoff, requesting orders with proofs late in the day may result in those proofs being forced to arrive the following business day. If you are in an immediate hurry, we suggest contacting the customer support team prior to ordering so they can look into the daily workload and see what delays if any are likely.

I requested a proof and nothing has come to me yet!

First off, contact us right away. There is a chance the ticket alerts are not being sent because we had a bad email or some other factor. Either way we need to get this straight. We can send you a direct link to the ticket or find alternative methods to send the proof to you.

What other ways can I use to view my ticket?

Please follow these steps.

  1. Please visit our ticket system to track your ticket.
  2. Enter your email and tracking id which was also emailed to you.
    1. Forgot your tracking id, you can request a reminder.
  3. Once logged into the ticket system, any details left by the designer plus attachments will be made available to you.

What happens if I complete forget to reply to my order proof?

We allow a maximum of 7 DAYS to ship an order from the day the order is placed! Since 98% of all proofs can be previewed, approved and shipped out in less than 48 business hours, the 7 day limit is hardly ever an issue.

If after 7 days have passed and you have not responded, your original payment is voided and nothing is shipped. Your payment is also never officially charged. At this point you would need to place a new order if you are still interested in doing business with us.

We go out of our way to preview this from happening. Our staff will try to call you and email and warn you that the deadline is approaching quickly and you need to preview our proof and authorize any work so that it can ship out in time.