DiplomaCompany.com Restrictions & Limitations

Novelty or not, documents we will not print!

We will not print any law or medical degrees, state board-issued licenses or government-issued certifications. This also includes CPA, CPB, CPM, etc. It also includes MD, JD, LLB, DDS.

If Diploma Company Australia believes for any reason that you may use a document we've produced illegally or will put the public at risk or may harm others, we will refuse your business and cancel your order.

Can you send transcripts in sealed envelopes?

Even though our custom transcripts will look and feel realistic, we will not send them out with sealed envelopes. All transcripts arrive as they are, unfolded and inside reinforced flat packaging, to protect your custom document during transit.

Do you make letters of acceptance? What about letters of attendance?

We do not print any letters that state and/or verify that your diploma (from us) is official. We are not a school and therefore cannot claim that our products came from an accredited school.

Do you offer verification services?

No, we do not offer verify our documents. We are not a diploma mill. There are illegal mills out there, charging in the thousands for a degree. That is not who we are. Again, the documents provided are very realistic, but we do not falsify records or encourage misuse of our services.

Will you forge signatures for me?

We do not forge signatures on any documents we produce, under any circumstances. Doing so is forgery and forgery is illegal. In place of actual signatures, we use realistic signatures from our own database. These signatures remind most graduates of the old signatures once on order. If you are concerned with the signatures used, you can always get a proof and check them before shipping. We assure you after 10 years in business, the signatures we use are perfectly fine. Plus, like we keep reminding you, we fully guarantee our work.

How do you handle copyright infringement?

All emblems, seals and logos belonging to a school or institute are under copyright. We will not add such elements to any document we produce. Any such artwork is a slight modification of the original to stay within regulations. Although you may believe you are seeing copyright infringed on in our fake diploma gallery or our fake diploma seal gallery, the images displayed in such galleries are a showcase of our skill set and not an admission of specific products and services being offered.

Are there certain schools you will not print documents from?

Not at this time.

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