Fake Diploma Movie Props Set the Scene

One of the hardest things a filmmaker has to do when creating a movie is building character that the audience can relate to and be moved by. Often things like set props are used to enhance a character being placed by an actor or actress and help the story he’s trying to tell come alive.

In most cases when we think of props in film we think of guns in an action movie or a piano in a musical.  Yet a type of prop often overlooked is a diploma prop which has been used in a number of films and shows that you may not even be aware of.

When a diploma prop becomes the focus of a scene

Imagine this, your watching a tv show. It’s an old law drama called the "The Firm". At this very important moment, a scene takes place at the offices of the lead character, a struggling young lawyer just out of college. The camera pans around as the actor playing the lawyer sits down at his desk. There, in the background, we see a diploma on his wall. To many of us it’s just a piece of paper in a frame. Then all of a sudden, another character comments on his diploma from Toronto. He talks about how his brother went to the same school. Now the camera zooms in on the diploma prop that was made for this tv show and we see it at full focus.

From a distance the director could probably get by with just a piece of printed paper but when the audience to really look at the document, all of a sudden imperfections can be a problem and quality of the prop matters.

Professional printed fake diplomas as props

screen captures of diploma used as props in various movies and tv showsscreen captures of diploma used as props in various movies and tv shows

Often a film studio will hire its own design department to manufacture a fake diploma for the purpose of shooting a scene. In some cases they are able to pull this off themselves but when you start to need very detailed work and a high quality fake diploma to pull off an amazing scene, it’s time to call in the pros like Diploma Company Canada.

Diploma Company Canada is a professional printing company that offers 100% custom made documents including diplomas and transcripts and certificates. In the case of diplomas the design department stocks premium templates which are replications of real diploma layouts. These templates capture the format and structure of real diploma including diplomas from Canadian schools. The diplomas are personalized with specific names and dates, carefully packaged and shipped out to their clients.

Most of what a site like this sells is for personal replacement purposes, as a novelty to fool a friend, as an esteem booster, etc. Others like production companies find benefits in hiring them to create these high quality realistic props of diplomas for important scenes.

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