Custom Transcripts - Editing Word Template Option

When you purchase a set of custom transcripts from , there is an option to use custom coursework on your document. This includes specific classes, in a specific order with specific grades. In most cases we will use general coursework that relates to your preferred degree and major. For instance, if you request a Bachelor of Arts degree, we may use common coursework that is known for that degree. This is fine for 99.9% of customers but some want specific classes to be featured and specific grades. For these customers, we suggest upgrading to custom coursework.

There are two ways you can provide custom coursework!

  1. First Option You provide the staff with a list of coursework you want included on your transcript and our production staff will sort through it, put it in the proper order and even make sure your final GPA is properly calculated. This is the most expensive of the two options but ensures a better quality document.
  2. Section The other option, to save you some money is we can give you a Word file which is a template of a custom transcript document that you can edit yourself with classes you want, in any order you want, including custom grades and more. You then send us back your revised document and we print the transcript with the custom changes you have requested.

If you want to go with option #2, the following page will help you better understand how to access this Word document template, make edits to the template, and send us back your changes.

How do I access the transcript template?

Contact a designer via out ticket system and request a copy of the .doc file.

Once the file is saved to your PC, you can edit it using Microsoft Word or any sort of doc editing software program. Please make any custom changes to the file including your school name, school addresses, class names and titles, class grades and more. Once finished, save the file (with your changes) to your PC and then respond back to our production team with your revised Word file attached so we may print it out.

What if I don't have Word?

If you don't have Word, again the best option would be to edit the file using your own Google Docs account. If you have an account you can upload the doc file to your Google Docs account, to make changes. If you insist on editing it using a software like Word but don't own Word, you can try other word processing software such as OpenOffice which is free. Keep in mind that we do not own OpenOffice nor are a part of Google Docs and these are merly suggestions and you must download new software or try any third party service at your own risk.

When can I start to edit the template?

As soon as you want to! You can start to make your changes now immediately after the order is placed or before. That way you can give the updated file, with your preferred coursework and grades, to our staff and they can print and ship out your order faster! If the staff has not gotten a revised file from you, they will send you a reminder to provide it since they need it to complete your order.

I need help understanding the template, what to change, what not to change, etc?

The document gives a few examples of classes and grades and scores and it should be fairly easy to understand and apply your own changes to it. You can also watch this video below where one of our designers named Elliot goes through the document and explains how to set semesters, calculate grades, and so forth. It may help you a lot.

BUT if you need help with it, wait until the support department writes you a message and you can communicate with the designer for assistance.

What happens after I've saved my changes and I'm done?

Either respond to your ticket from the design team with your Word file attached or share the Word file with us. The final document will be printed onto realistic transcript paper, an embossed seal will be added into the bottom left hand corner and a hologram will be placed on to the bottom right hand corner. A transcript key which contains general information about grading scales such as what A vs B means, will be added to the back of the document. Once all of that is applied, the final order is packaged up and shipped out to you.