Editing Custom Transcript Files - Step-by-Step Guide

When you buy fake transcripts from Diploma Company Canada, we usually use or own coursework. This is where we use general coursework we have on file for a variety of degree and majors. There is also an option to UPGRADE your order and use custom coursework on your document. This allows you to showcase specific classes, in a specific order with the grades and marks of your choosing. In most cases, our stand coursework is perfectly fine and captures many popular classes that relate to your desired field. For instance, a Bachelor of Arts degree, will show common undergraduate courses typical for this degree. the majority of our customers are fine with this.. Yet, it you demand something more opt for CUSTOM coursework instead.

There are two ways you can provide custom coursework!

  1. First Option You provide the staff with a list of coursework you want included on your transcript. The production staff will sort through this list. They put it in the proper order and even adjust your final grade average ensuring it's properly calculated. This is the most expensive of the two options but ensures a better quality document.
  2. Second Option The other choice, which can save you money is where we give you a Word file. This is a Word document and a template of a transcript layout. This lets you edit the list yourself. Add the classes you want, in any order you want, and the scores you want displayed. You then send us back your revised document. Our staff will then input the data into our own software and print a realistic transcript copy. This saves our staff time from sorting and calculating the data and we pass those savings onto you.

If you want to go with second option, the following page will help you better understand the provided Word document. We'll explain how to make edits to the template and send those changes back to us.

How do I obtain the transcript template file?

When you place an order, request a proof. There is an option for this when filling out the order form. This is an option to see our work before it leaves the print shop. During communication with the designer, you can mention an interest in this. The designer will then send you a copy of the Word .doc file to edit yourself.

Once the file is opened on your PC, you can edit it using Microsoft Word or any sort of doc editing software program. Please make any custom changes to the file including your school details, student information, class titles, grade changes and more. Once finished, save the file (with your changes) to your PC. Next reply back to the design or production team with your revised Word file attached. We will then apply the changes to your order.

What if I don't have Word?

If you don't have Word, we can suggest alternative options. One is to use a Google Docs account. If you have a @gmail account you can use this. Simply upload the file to your Google Docs. If you want to use physical software, that isn't Word, consider downloading OpenOffice here. This is free Word-like editing software. Keep in mind that we do not own OpenOffice nor are a part of Google Docs and these are simply suggestions. Any software you download or third party sites you use are done at your own risk.

What if I Need Help with Academic Transcript File?

The document features a template. It should be easy to understand and break down. You want to watch this video below though. It features one of our designers named Benjamin. He goes through a typical .doc file and explains it all. He breaks down semesters, how to calculate grades, and more. So sit back, grab some coffee and take a look. The video may really help explain things more.

What if I need more help?

The assigned designer working on your order will also offer up assistance.

I'm done. I'm ready to send my custom transcript file to you.

Great. You can contact us to share your revised transcript file. We can apply it to any existing orders or hold it for one you plan on placing. If you already have an order placed and are communicating with a designer in our secured and safe ticket system, you can send the file there.

All final document will be printed onto security paper (like real thing is). It is then embossed by hand, has holograms applied to it, and a transcript key is included if necessary. Everything is then carefully packaged up for transit and shipped out from our print shop.

Thank you for reading this page and considering Diploma Company Canada for services such as ours.