How to Place Order on

Ordering with Diploma Company Canada is easy!

Step #1: Find your diploma, transcript, or certificate.
  1. Choose your item from the 'BUY DOCUMENTS' link in the top menu bar.
    1. Other menus include "more info" with access to pages about paper and emblems. There is also "get help" for faq guides and support pages.
  2. Or use our search tool (top of site) to find your product.
  3. You can also view all of our "products" now by   accessing our catalog here.
Step #2: Purchase Your Product
  1. Fill out product order form by confirming school's name, providing custom details including names and dates, etc.
    1. Website wll guide you through the ordering process, explaining each option.
Step #3: Review Your Bag
  1. Check over your bag. Remove unwanted items. Click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to continue.
Step #4: Checkout
  1. Sign into your account, register an account or checkout as a guest.
  2. Provide billing and shipping details.
    1.   See shipping details including delivery times.
  3. Enter payment method details.
    1.   See available ways to pay here.
Step #5: Order Complete
  1. Page will show an order# confirming your order was submitted.

Afterwards our staff gets to work. We locate your order, make notes of what you want and begin collecting all of the resources necessary to create your custom documents. Once done, we can provide you a sample to proof our work. Every once is finished or approved, the item is packaged and sent off. Tracking details are sent to you allowing you to monitor the package from our facility to your doorstep.

Need help placing an order? Please contact us during normal support hours. We're available by phone at 416-907-4955 or live chat here during normal support hours of M-F 10AM-6PM CST.