Proofing Your Order Before it Ships

At Diploma Company, we know buyers want the opportunity to proof their order. They want one last chance to see their diploma, transcript, or certificate before it ships out. Our order proofing option is this opportunity for you. The best part is don't charge a penny more for the service. Proofing lets you see our designer's work. You can ask questions or request changes. You can also approve it. Once you tell us it's good to go, the document is then printed, packaged up, and shipped out.

There are a few things to consider if you're interesting in getting a proof. This page explains the process in great detail.

How do I request a proof on your website?

When ordering services, there is an option to proof the order. The service is free, but we are clear that it adds additional steps and may delay shipping. The order itself will show that this option was requested. When we begin designing documents, the design team will send the proof first to check over their work.

How are proofs sent to me?

We send all proofs through our ticket system, allowing private one-on-one communication with our design team.

Do I need special software to view my proof?

The digital designs of diplomas and certificates are typically saved in JPG format, while transcripts are commonly in PDF format. If you require a different format for your document, you can easily request it from one of our skilled designers through our ticket system.

One of the advantages of our system is that none of the typical image formats used for our designs require any special software to view them. You can directly view the image files within the ticket system, without the need for additional software. Similarly, PDF files can be easily viewed in a standard web browser tab, eliminating the need for any specialized software. We strive to ensure a seamless and convenient experience for viewing and accessing your digital designs.

Will the final document look just like the proof

Our proof is excellent for previewing the final document's format, all the text, and the signatures in the final document. In some cases, seals and emblems can be previewed depending on the printing process.

In the case of a transcript or mark sheet proofs, it will show all the coursework and scores. However, such proof will not show the paper we will use, and watermarks may not be visible.

The purpose of proofing is to allow clients the ability to check over names and dates. Therefore, we are mainly concerned about ensuring the graduation date is correct, any names are correctly displayed, and so on.

A complete copy of the final document is not what our proof provides. If so, consider a full scan or digital copy instead. We can send these instead. The option is available on all order forms as a paid upgrade.

How quickly is the proof ready to check out?

Our design team is here Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm ET.. Any proofs requested before noon of the same business day will be ready before our cutoff for shipping. Sometimes if our schedule has freed up, we can make exceptions past our cutoff.

We suggest calling or chatting beforehand for proofs requested past our daily cutoff. We will check with our designers to see if a current exception is possible.

How long do I have to approve any order proofs or drafts?

We allow seven days (including weekends and holidays) to access proofs, approve them, request changes, or approve our work. After that, orders do not leave, and we cancel any authorized payments if the ticket is unanswered.

We do not refund any money because we do not capture payments at the time of purchase. The initial payment was only authorized, and the authorization will drop off soon. We explain this more on our payment page.

Please place a new order (or authorize the same payment again) if our services are still wanted.

If proofs are wanted, timely communication with our design team is crucial. Make sure to answer any questions, clarify any demands, and approve their work. Think twice about getting order proofs if time is limited. An unanswered ticket can create big problems for all parties involved.

Remember, proof or not, we offer the best warranty of any supplier. So, if the order arrives and anything is off, we will fully stand by our work.

What if the design team is not responding?

First, contact us immediately. We may have the wrong email on file, or the ticket system is having technical difficulties. Either way, we want to resolve this matter asap. Agents, via phone or chat, can provide direct links to tickets or alternative means of sending an order proof.