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The following page features selected feedback from customers in Canada about our services. This includes testimonials and reviews. You can also read more reviews on our product pages. Please note that certain names and locations posted might be altered at the request of privacy!

It was a nightmare trying to replace my diploma last year. With everything going on, there were big delays. This site was a huge help. I really appreciate how everything came out.

I have spotted a lot of reviews online about this site, and wasn't sure what to believe. I took a chance. Glad I did!!!

I purchased an undergraduate degree replacement from you guys. The final product reminded me very much of what I once had. So pleased to have discovered you.

My school in Canada was very small and I had issues getting copies made. I was surprised when Diploma Company said they could help me and knew my diploma and what it looked like. I am amazed by the final quality.

Vos diplômes sont si magnifiquement ciselés.

Translation: Your diplomas are so beautifully crafted.

Just got my fake diploma in the mail! Looks great! Will order again for my sister.

My package arrived late yesterday afternoon. I am very happy with how everything turned out, and I will place an order for transcripts later on. Again, thanks so much...

The diploma LOOKS AMAZING! I am so glad you guys had this Quebec layout on file. Thank you so much for everything you do.

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