• Proof our Work
  • Request Changes
  • Approve Final Prints Before They Leave

Can I get a proof to review my order before it leaves?

At Diploma Company UK, we know buyers want the opportunity to proof their order. They want one last chance to see their diploma, transcript, or certificate before it ships out. Our order proofing option is this opportunity for you. The best part is don't charge a penny more for the service. Proofing lets you see our designer's work. You can ask questions or request changes. You can also approve it. Once you tell us it's good to go, the document is then printed, packaged up, and shipped out.

There are a few things to consider if you're interesting in getting a proof. This page explains the process in great detail.

How do I request a proof of my order?

When ordering services, you can request this as an option. Our form asks if you'd like a proof. The option is then added to your order. When we begin working on your order, the design team is informed that you want to proof their work.

How are proofs sent to me?

All proofs are sent through our ticket system. The ticket system allows for private one-on-one communication with our design team.

Do I need any special software to view my proof?

Typically, diploma and certificate images are sent in JPG format. Transcripts are sent in PDF format. If you need a specific format, you can request this in your ticket.

Will my proof look just like what is shipped out?

Our proof allows you to preview the document's format, all the text, and the signatures we'll use. In some cases, depending on the printing process, you may be able to preview the seals and emblems. In the case of a transcript or mark sheet proof, it will display full coursework and final scores. Your proof will not show the paper, and it might be watermarked.

The purpose of your proof is to check over names and dates. It's to verify that specific details are correct. It is not a full printable or usable copy. Is this is what you need, ask a staff member on chat if an exception can be made.

When will my proof be ready to preview?

Our design team is here M-F 10AM-6PM CST. If you place an order or request a proof before 'noon of the current business day, your proof should come. Sometimes if our schedule has freed up, we can make exceptions past our cutoff. If you are in a hurry or ordering services past our cutoff, we ask that you reach out to us beforehand. We will try our best to make an exception.

What if I forget about my proof and/or don't respond?

We allow a max of 7 days to access your proof, approve it, and/or request changes. This is not only business days. This means that holidays and weekends are not skipped. If 7 days have passed and we have not heard from you, your order is cancelled. Your original payment authorization is voided. Nothing is shipped because no funds would have been authorized.

As we explain on our page about payments, your initial payment is "authorized". The payment is not "captured" or "charged" until it ships. If a sample is never approved, it never ships and therefore the payment is never "captured".

If this happens and you still want to do business with us, you will need to place a new order.

It is important that you are around to communicate with designers, ask questions, approve their work, etc. If you are too busy and unable to respond, you may want to think twice about getting a proof. Chances are you will not respond and the order will not voided. Keep in mind, proof or not, we do fully guarantee our work. Even if you opt out of getting a proof, we always stand by our work.

Wait, I asked for proof, but no proof came!

First, contact us immediately. There is a chance our email alerts about your proof are failing to send! We may have a bad email on file. It could be something else happening. Either way, we want to resolve this matter asap. We can send you a direct link to the ticket or find alternative methods to send your proof.