Diploma Company Restrictions

Are there any types of products that you will not produce?

We will not print any college products featuring graduate law or medical degrees, state board issued licensees or government issued certifications. This also includes CPA, CPB, CPM, etc.

Do you mail your transcripts inside sealed envelopes?

Even though our custom transcripts will look and feel realistic, we will not send them out with sealed envelopes. All transcripts arrive as they are, unfolded and inside reinforced flat packaging, to protect the document during shipping.

Will you create me a letter of acceptance from my school?

We do not print any letters that state and/or verify that your diploma (from us) is official. We are not a school and therefore can not claim that our products came from an accredited school.

Are there schools that you will not feature on your phony educational documents?

A small number of schools have contacted us and asked us not to print documents from their institute. The list is here.

Do you verify your products?

No, we do not offer fake diploma verification. Yes, there are other sites out there that claim they will verify your fake diploma or transcript, but be careful when dealing with such businesses. If you look closely, you will see that they go through a separate verification company that will only verify what a background check has uncovered. This means that if you never graduated, than the verification will show you never graduated, essentially making the document they create for you worthless. At the end of the day, our goal is to make you a product that looks and feels so realistic, that most people would never second guess it's authenticity or even attempt a verification of it.

Are the signatures on your documents, that of actual school officials?

We do not forge signatures on any documents we produce, under any circumstances. Doing so is forgery and forgery is illegal. In place of real signatures, we use realistic signatures from our own database. These signatures remind most graduates we make custom documents for, of the old signatures they once remembered. Don't believe us? Just place an order and request a proof to preview the realistic signatures we've specifically chosen for your document. You will be pleased.

Are the documents you send, marked as being "FAKE" or "NOVELTY"?

To legally protect our business and to ensure that all customers fully understand the "intended use" of our products and/or services, a removable sticker (to ensure the document can't be permanently damaged because of it) is placed on the back of every document we ship to state that the item(s) you are provided were produced for novelty and/or replacement purposes. By removing the sticker at your own will, you (the buyer) accept full responsibility for any unauthorized actions taken with the document provided by our company, its website, and its staff.

Some websites do not have to add these sticks because their products are not replicas. Nobody would second guess their work. Because we set such high standards, we are forced to add these.

Will you copy a school's seals and emblem 100% on all diplomas and transcripts?

Many school seals and logos are under copyright, meaning that the work belongs to the school or institute itself. Because of this, we will not copy school seals, logos or emblems. In place of this, Diploma Company prints diplomas or transcripts using their own custom seals or non-copyright emblems - with the name of the college, university or high school printed into the seal itself to make the document look and feel more official. See our gallery of recently used diploma seals and emblems.

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