How Fake Diploma Movie Props Can Enhance Scenes

So you're watching this really good movie. It's a heart pounding drama that has you on the edge of you seat. It's the story of a young woman overcoming a health condition and in a very important scene she visits her doctor's office. On the wall, behind the actor playing the doctor, is a series of diplomas. They're all framed behind glass with beautiful shiny gold seals. The diplomas, whether you know it or not, are helping your believe this doctor is real. This is how fake diplomas used as set props on movies and tv shows can help bring the production to life.

Spotting Fake Diplomas as Props in Movie & Shows

You may not believe but movies do put a lot of efforts into props since they actually take the popularity of the movie and the characters to the next level. Whether it is set dressing like curtains, hand props such as a watch, gloves that main character do wear or anything else like novelty diplomas, everything play a major role to create a great buzz at the forefront. Moreover, those novelty diplomas are also often sold as a gag gift.

You might have remembered the 2008 released movie namely "High School Musical 3: Senior Year". In this movie, a graduation takes place and diplomas are handed out. And we can see several shots of those props in the middle of the film. These were not diplomas taken from actual schools. They were props made especially by movie makers. But that diploma from "East High School" was designed in a way so that it would look enough realistic to get a pass as a legit one.

Do Movie Studios Ever Buy Fake Diplomas as Props?

In order for a prop to enhance a movie scene, especially a diploma it has to look and feel realistic. Sometimes the studio has access to a design department capable of making such high quality fakes for a production shoot. Other times they don't. Under these circumstances, studios can turn to a business like Diploma Company. A site like this stocks templates from actual diplomas that capture the layout and structure of each. The templates can be edited by the production team with the names of show and film character, specific dates, degree majors and more. Once the documents are done, they can be shipped to the film studio or downloaded and printed on demand.

Companies like Diploma Company are print shops that make diplomas from schools all across the world and even big UK cities such as Leeds and Sheffield and so on. With access to professional grade printing equipment, high end supplies and a high quality fake diploma is achievable.

Other Reasons People Love Fake Diplomas

The popularity of fake diplomas is on the rise in .

To Personally Replace a Lost or Damaged Diploma

Maybe your thinking about your time at school, want to hang a diploma up on your wall and now you can't locate it? Diplomas like any other item can get lost or misplaced. Sometimes replacing them is a simple phone call and a series of verification steps. Other times the ordeal is overwhelming and sometimes not even possible, as some uk schools do not replace diplomas. If you're willing to accept the restrictions put in place with fake diplomas, you can find them acceptable as personal replacements. Personal means they are not used for anything other then personal use including entertainment use. Yet the fake diploma can still capture the layout and format and structure of the actual diploma making it a realistic and worthwhile replacement option.

To Play a Joke on Somebody

Imagine somebody whose an obnoxious know-it-all friend of yours. You talk about hiking and they've hiked the tallest mountains. You talk about cars and they know all about them. Maybe for a birthday gift you get them a novelty degree in mountain climbing. I can't think a more awesome way to ridicule their ridiculousness.

To Motivate Yourself and Boost Your Esteem

Maybe you have a friend struggling to get their degree. The moment they begin to give up on their education and complicate dropping out, is a tough moment to overcome. Imagine showing the a diploma, even if it's fake, with their name on it. They see their name on a degree and maybe it inspires them to earning a real degree from their school pushing them to return. Sites like Diploma Company hear stories like this a lot from customers.

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