Imagine being asked one day, out of the blue, for a copy of your diploma. Maybe this has happened to you? Maybe somebody is requesting a copy of your diploma right now? Sometimes people are thrown off guard by this request. This is likely because diplomas are either something we hold dear and cherish and protect or a document quickly forgotten about forcing us to ask ourselves this , “Where in the world is that thing?

Jessie Mccoy’s situation is all too common for some. She graduated from a private school in Michigan back in 2003. After graduation, the school mailed her out a diploma with her name on it, dates, the school seal, etc. Instead of having it framed behind glass and put on display, she stuck it in a box and placed it in storage. After a few moves from town to town, the diploma had mysteriously disappeared. So when she was requested to present a copy of the diploma, she started to ponder her options.

As you may have thought, Jessie’s first thought was to contact her old school. They certainly could help her with a copy request or at least that’s what she thought. Unfortunately her old college had since closed its doors in 2010 and went out of business. Although school closures seems rare, this does happen. Obviously something like this i more likely to occur when schools merge or were for-profit institutes that were unable to financially stay afloat. When these schools are no longer operational, nobody is there to answer the phone and fulfill copy requests for former students like Jessie.

Other reasons to need or want a diploma copy?

Sometimes former students are able to obtain a diploma copy but simple want a more convenient option, is even just for their own personal reasons. Many of these students are well aware that alternative methods, sometimes sold online as fake diplomas, are slightly altered versions of the real diploma. The changes are done to protect against copyright infringement, signature forgery, etc, but unlike the official copies the alternative copies capable of arriving by the next day and skip over any hassles with obtaining an official diploma from their school. Plus, although the differences are there, the fake are still of extremely high quality. Any final documents are captured the layout and structure, use the correct diploma paper, seal placement, etc. The high quality fakes often sold to fool a friend or used as props for movies and tv shows are extremely realistic to the feel and touch.

Other times your job may want a copy. Sometimes this may be because they require all employees of the company to have their credentials on display. If a job is giving a deadline to a new employee to present a diploma at work and the school is going to take weeks to fulfill it, alternative methods such as novelties bought online may be on your only solution for the time being.

Another situation some find themselves in is limited capabilities by the former school to produce copies. Sometimes schools, often small schools, will create just one diploma per student at the time of graduation. After that they are no longer fulfilling diploma copy requests. So when you call in and ask for one, you are told it is not possible

Final thoughts on diploma copies

So every situation is different. For some reason a copy is a simple phone call. For others, these stories like that of Jessie’s may sound all too familiar.

How to get a display copy fast

One site to consider for personal copies is Diploma Company. They create novelty diplomas from high schools and colleges and their custom diplomas can be used in place of copies. The final products are altered but the quality is there providing an extremely realistic looking fake. If you have questions, we invite you to check out their online shop and ask questions. The staff is here M-F 10AM-6PM CST and can reached via live chat, email and toll-free phone support at 866-687-5403.