photocopy being made of a diploma on a xerox

Jessie Mccoy showed up for work after a long weekend. Then Susan from human resources, tapped her on the shoulder, and said that corporate needed a copy of her diploma. Maybe you've experienced this yourself? Maybe you're here cause like Jessie somebody is now requesting a copy of your diploma? Sometimes people are thrown off guard when they get this request. It's often because they aren't sure where to turn next. This is likely because diplomas are either something we hold dear, cherish, and protect after graduation or a document we quickly forget about. When we do put it on the back burner, a sudden request for it on a day like may have us ask ourselves, “Where in the world is that thing?

Jessie graduated from a private institute in Michigan. After graduation in 2003, the school mailed her out a copy of the diploma. It had the school's name on it, official seal, signatures, etc. Instead of having it framed behind glass and hung on her wall, she stuck it in a box and left it in storage. After a few apartment moves over the years, the diploma had mysteriously vanished. So when she was now being requested to present a copy of that same diploma, she started to ponder her options.

As you may have thought, Jessie’s first attempted to call up her old school. They certainly could help her with a copy request or at least that’s what she thought. Unfortunately her old college had since closed its doors. Turns out back in 2010, as a private company, they went out of business. Although school closures seems rare, they do shut down. Obviously something like this also happens when a school merges with another, a lot of times for-profit institutes like Jessie's can't afford to financially stay afloat. When these schools are no longer operational, nobody is there to answer the phone and fulfill diploma copy requests for former students like Jessie.

A Diploma Copy Alternative

Without her school not being much help, she began researching her options online. One website that stood out was Diploma Company USA where they created high-quality novelty diplomas. The options included fake diplomas from high schools and fake diplomas from colleges.

All Jessie had to do was fill out an online order form. It requested some simple information about her old school including it's location and name. Once an order was placed, she was notified that it was being worked on. Within a day, the design team sent her a sample and once she approved the work, it was packaged up, and shipped to her door.

Other Reason to Use a Fake as a Copy

  1. Sometimes former students want a copy of this old diploma for personal reasons. Since they don't need anything official, having to wait on paperwork and verification, is an absolute pain. For these folks alternative solutions such as fake diplomas are close enough to the real thing and passable.
  2. The diplomas are much faster. A fake can be sent overnight and in your hands in a matter of hours. A diploma copy from a school can take days or weeks to arrive.
  3. These documents also hold value as set pieces. It's true that they are used as props for movies and tv shows because they are extremely realistic to touch.
  4. Other times your job may want a copy. Sometimes this may be because they require all employees of the company to have their credentials on display. If a job is giving a deadline to a new employee to present a diploma at work and the school is going to take weeks to fulfill it, alternative methods such as novelties bought online may be on your only solution for the time being.
  5. In Jessie's situation, her old school was no longer around. Yet, even if they are around, they may be limited in their capabilities to produce copies. Sometimes schools, more likely at a high school, will create just one diploma per student at the time of graduation. After that they no longer fulfill diploma copy requests. So when you call in and request a second or third copy, you're told it is unfortunately not possible

Obviously every situation differs. At times, getting a copy made is a simple as a quick phone call. Other times, stories like that of Jessie’s may sound all too familiar. If you have questions, we invite you to check out Their website is online 24/7, allowing you to order at anytime. Their staff is here Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm CST and can reached via live chat, email, or toll-free phone support at 866-687-5403.

If you decide to work with us or go through other channels, we wish you the best of luck in your journey.