Disputing Payments/Credit Card Fraud

Denying a credit card purchase to your bank that you made with any company including Diploma Company is a form of fraud and is illegal.

We have spent years building Diploma Company into one of the most respected and trustworthy online suppliers of custom printed documents. The privileged that we have to accept credit cards as a form of payment is one that we do not take lightly. That ability is hindered when unnecessary and damaging charge backs are submitted by customers. Although every situation is different, there are a percentage of shady online shoppers who are buying at this site with the intent to steal from us by getting products at no cost to them. If you are honest, none of this applies to you, but if you have woeful intentions the following Credit Card Dispute & Fraud Policy does apply.

As a business our goal is to make everybody happy but we realize that fraudsters exist. We have seen customers who purchase a custom document from us, make a copy, use it and then try to get a refund. Being a custom made item, this is a major problem for our industry. Because of this, we can not refund credit card payments once an order has been signed and/or received. Although there are exceptions to this rule including misprinted information or wrong items accidentally sent. If you custom document has a misspelling accidentally done by our staff (although very rare, it's possible) or the wrong document was shipped out by mistake, we will either do the following:

  1. Replace the item and rushed out a new copy as fast as possible.
  2. If the issue can not be resolved, a refund to your credit card, will be authorized.

If you DO DISPUTE or DENY a valid credit card charge with Diploma Company, you will be billed for the amount due plus damages by our legal department. Your name will also be added to a database of a well known and respected f fraud protection company. The database will warn other website owners that YOU have a history of trying to fraud businesses out of money. This list may prevent you from making purchases in the future. Doing so is within our rights as a merchant.

Keep in mind this policy should only concern and apply to individuals with the attention to take from us. Our company is going out of it's way to protect customers by offering things like our 100% satisfaction guarantee . Your decision to be fraud us out of money can't be taken lightly.

What if I still have questions about this credit card fraud policy?

If you have concerns about this before or after ordering, please contact our customer support team by calling 866-687-5403, by sending us an email or chatting live during normal support hours of M-F 10AM-5PM EST.