Fake University of Phoenix Diploma

fake diploma from university of phoenix featuring raised and embossed text and sealfake diploma from university of phoenix featuring raised and embossed text and seal
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If you're looking to fool a friend with an extremely realistic fake university of phoenix diploma in , you have options. That’s because there are more and more printing companies able to replicate this document capturing the look and feel you want most. That being said there are steps you should keep to to stay safe when shopping for such items.

What is the University of Phoenix

This is a well respected for-profit university based out of Arizona. The university was founded in 1976 and offers certificate programs in associate, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree levels.

The university offers degrees in a variety of degrees and majors including business, education, health professions, humanities and science, etc.

Reason to Want a Fake University of Phoenix Diploma

There are many valid reasons why somebody would choose to buy a fake diploma from such a school. For some they are looking to fool a friend with orchestrating an elaborate prank making somebody believe they graduated. Others see these as an esteem booster; encouraging them to work towards their real degree. Some want to safeguard an original cause they find replacing lost or damaged diplomas from their former alumni as being challenging. You can also spot these items in your favorite movies and TV shows as props.

As long as the item is used for personal purchases; meaning it is not used to advance a career or further one's education, it can be bought as a legitimate purchase. Any other use goes beyond the terms of any supplier and will likely get your order voided and worse.

Please recognize that print shops are not a diploma mill. No degrees are being issued. No degrees are being earned.

How is a Fake Diploma from University of Phoenix Made

Like all diplomas, Melissa a diploma designer with us is given access to a copy of a real diploma from the university. The image is either found online or a scanned image of the document or photocopy is provided to the design team. 

The design team then carefully studies the diploma’s layout and structure, taking precise measurements and the paper and seal thickness and notes on the paper color and texture. They then precisely replicate the actual diploma’s format capturing its unique layout and structure including the infamous blue and gold seal. Notes are applied for research purposes and the template is saved for future order requests that the website may get for this specific university.

How to Ensure Fake University of Phoenix Diploma Looks Real

One benefit of a University of Phoenix diploma is that the look is timeless. This means if a printer has obtained one or two diploma copies and replicated each, they have the resources to assist you regardless of the graduation year and if it's an undergraduate or degree diploma request. Although minor tweaks have been given to the diploma's format in the last twenty years, not much has changed in the document's overall styling.

The following are areas importance to look for:

  1. The “U” amd the “P” as in “The University of Phoenix” is larger than other letters in the school name. The school name is also printed flat, left to right. I've seen diploma circulating with the school name on an arch. This is not accurate.
  2. The school seal is centered; bottom middle. I’ve seen fakes floating around with the seal in the top corner. This is not accurate as of of .
  3. Paper weight is 60lb paper for 98% of what circulates. Read more about diploma paper here.
  4. Seal is a combo of gold and burgundy. If possible requested raised and embossed printing. Flat printing will not look authentic enough imho.
  5. Two signatures only. That of the Chairman and President. Signatures are never forged on any document produced by a legitimate supplier and any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The proper titles are listed. We keep seeing fakes from customers who tired other sites only to find four signatures. This is not correct.

How can I buy Fake University of Phoenix Diplomas

If you’re in the market for such an item, there are a few sites online that may be able to assist you. These suppliers offer custom printed fake diplomas from colleges and universities all over the world including many favorites in the state of Arizona. Some other colleges and universities from the USA include favorites such as the University of Michigan and Harvard to name a few.

Please take a moment to browse their entire catalog and see if they can be of assistance to you. A website such as this is online 24/7 meaning orders can be placed anytime of the day. If you need assistance, customer support is available via live chat, email or phone. A good number to call may be Diploma Company at 866-687-5403. Their staff is here M-F 10 am to 5 pm CST.

We wish you the best of luck in your Fake University of Phoenix diploma request.