a copy of a fancy blue border fake diploma from a high school sitting on a desk with a rolled up diploma next to it

The idea of a fake high school diploma maker or novelty degree shop has made it easy for people to land their dream job or to complete a level of education with relatively no effort at all. However, it is necessary for anyone want to buy fake diplomas to identify critical components to avoid getting into trouble. Today several “degree-mills” are churning up fake diplomas with little to no concern about the safety of the customer and their information. Here we will point out some significant points of a phony document that you should know to avoid scammers.

Verified Name and Design

First, off, verify the name, design of a degree, and match it with the institution where it originated. Most degree mills use names that sound like legit institutions but are not. Search for the high school or secondary school name mentioned on the certificate, and if you cannot find the name anywhere, you have been scammed. More detailed checking of a fake high school diploma is to look at the design of the document and check if proper embossing is there with the official seal. Look for signature signed in ink and not printed without any spelling mistakes. This will tell you that you have a proper document that you can present anywhere.

Fonts and Language Used

Another indication of verified fake high school diplomas is the language and expressions used in the document. Degree mills use Latin terminology, which is a major red flag. High Schools in the US use ‘cum laude’ phrases while UK institutions like secondary schools use, with honours’ mostly. These countries have not issued Latin expressive documents for quite some time. In addition, the proper order of words and font size will also determine a ripped off certificate.

It's essential to choose a supplier with a large assortment of templates. By having different templates of diplomas from all over the world, they understand how they differ from country to country. The sites will have less experience making these different types of global documents, and will likely make crucial mistakes.


An effective way of identifying any fake high school diploma is to obtain information about the address or location of the university. Google search helps users determine the address provided on the certificate and is an effective way of verification. Another sufficient check is to search for the school's domain. If the website does not look like a real school's website, it probably is as fake as the document itself.

Material Used

Every genuine degree issued by a university has an embossed gold seal that determines the authenticity of the certificate. Similarly, the paper used in rendering a degree is also thick and high quality. Degree mills usually issue fake high school diplomas on a standard paper, which is easy to identify using the thickness and print quality. If the print comes from a regular printer, the document is easy to distinguish. Diploma Company has individual checking and proofreading functions that verify the document before sending it to the client.