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Our HS Transcript Options!

  • A favourite of customers, our fake high school transcripts are printed on premium security paper like a school uses and embossed by hand! These are high-quality recreations featuring realistic Canada and USA layouts!
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  • Features hs classes including English, Math, History, and more. We have a list of common coursework from 20+ years ago to the latest curriculum for ! The attention detail is amazing!
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What Makes our Fake High School Diplomas the Best?

We believe in our work so much we back it with a worry-free guarantee!

Nobody puts more passion behind their line of fake high school transcripts than us! Our transcripts include all of the elements you would commonly find on real ones. These include precise format and layouts, student and school details, high school courses, and adjusted GPA. We have accurate class lists for both Canada and USA high schools to ensure the most realistic-looking prints possible.

This service is great for somebody who wants to fool a friend. It's all great for somebody needing a bit of motivation. Imagine a dropout or a struggling student. Seeing a transcript, with their name on it, may push them towards their goals. They can make great tools for inspiration. Others see these sort of documents as personal replacements for lost records. No matter why you want one, it has to look legit. After 10 years in business, we understand that. That's why all of our documents hit all of the marks.

How to Buy Transcripts from High Schools

  1. Choose a high school transcript option.
    1. We have a Canada option great for Toronto, Vancouver, etc. We also have a USA option for New York, Florida, etc.
  2. Fill in order details on the product page.
    1. Name of Testing Location
    2. Student Name
    3. Date of Passing
      1. This showcases when the test was complete. Typically in USA, this happens in late May or early June. In Canada, it's often the same way.
  3. Add item your cart.
    1. Here you will provide information such as where you want the final document shipped, how you want to pay for it, etc.
  4. Submit Order
    1. Once an order number is assigned, our design team gets to work. We look at the details of your order, choose the appropriate class list, transcript layout, and more.
    2. If you want to proof our work, we will take the time to show you our work and get your feedback. After your approval or if you opt out of any proofs, the document is packaged up and shipped out.
    3. Final work is printed on proper paper and/or stamped and embossed to provide a realistic final transcript.
  5. After Arrival
    1. Remember, we give 90 days to spot issues and back all of our work with a risk-free guarantee. Buy risk-free today with this and all fake transcript services.

What if I want a diploma with my fake high school transcripts?

A lot of times people come here looking for a transcript and later realize, they want a diploma, too. If that is you, this is a great time to grab both. That's because you can bundle and save up to 20% off! Check out our High School Diploma and Transcript, which is a complete set. This includes a fake hs diploma with a matching transcript, like the ones above, at a great discount.

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