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Get the Most Realistic Novelty Fake Transcript – Custom Classes & Scores

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High-Quality Fake Transcripts from High Schools and Colleges!

These personal replacements and top-notch novelties are a cut above, providing the most realistic academic records with everything you want:

  • Real Classes: Choose from a variety of popular courses!

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Purchased this for my son who was having a tough time with school. Initially uncertain from the samples, but the final paper with the seals, embossing, and holograms exceeded expectations! It turned out exceptionally well! Using it as a motivational tool, and it's proving effective so far. Many thanks!

I gave another site a try for my transcript order, but I was disappointed. However, I'm really pleased with how this one turned out on my second attempt.

I encountered some issues with my initial order, but the staff handled it very professionally. They made revisions without any complaints or pushback. Overall, it was a really pleasant experience working with this site.

Please convey my gratitude to your staff for their excellent work on my order. I requested numerous changes, and I understand I may have been challenging to work with at times, but the final print looks fantastic! You have an outstanding team there.

The Best Fake Transcript is Here!

Diploma Company is your trusted source for high-quality fake transcripts! Our transcripts are carefully crafted to be realistic and authentic-looking, perfect for pranking friends or adding a touch of humour to any occasion. With years of experience and a wide array of resources covering various degrees, majors, and fields of study, we ensure each transcript captures the genuine academic appearance you desire. Printed on premium academic-grade paper with advanced security features, our transcripts, including fake university transcripts and fake GED test results, are personalized with your details and proudly finished with a transcript key and embossing.

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Fake Transcripts

Frequently Asked Questions about Fake Transcript Services

  • Are the courses listed on your fake transcripts legitimate?

    Yes, our service maintains a database of standard coursework relevant to various degrees and majors. While specific courses may not match those taken at your institution, approximately 90% of our clients find them satisfactory.

  • Can I request specific classes and scores on my transcript?

    Absolutely! You can request custom coursework, specifying the courses and grades you want displayed. Additionally, you have the option to edit the transcript file yourself for greater control over the content.

  • Is custom coursework worth the added cost?

    Yes, whether you choose standard or custom coursework, everything we offer is backed by a risk-free guarantee. We are committed to addressing any concerns promptly and professionally.

  • What type of paper do you use for printing fake transcripts?

    We use official document or transcript security paper, featuring security measures such as a 'COPY' watermark and a watermarked logo, ensuring professionalism and authenticity.

  • Do you include holograms on transcripts?

    We include self-destructing holograms on transcripts if necessary for added security, but they may be omitted if not required.

  • Do you include a 'transcript key' on the back of your transcripts?

    Yes, upon request, we include a transcript key providing detailed explanations of grading scales and course numbering. However, this feature can be omitted if preferred.

  • Will my fake transcript be embossed?

    Yes, all transcripts are embossed with a stamp reading 'official records' to enhance authenticity and replicate the official embossing seen on school transcripts.

  • When should I indicate my graduation or passing date?

    For high school transcripts, we recommend using a May or June graduation date. For college and university transcripts, the same applies. If unsure, leave this field blank on the order form, and we will fill it in accordingly.