Can I Buy A Fake Diploma With Bitcoin?

The increasing competition in the professional world makes it complicated for people with less or no education to make a living. Despite having the required skills to make it big in the world, many are restricted by the shackles of educational restraint. Getting a fake certificate will wipe out this obstacle to make way for the life of your dreams. Unlike many fake certificate offering websites, Diploma Company allows you to buy a fake diploma with bitcoin. Thus, providing unique facilities to the customers.

In the pool of available websites that assure fake certificates, finding out the procedure and ensuring the legitimacy of the fake diploma company becomes difficult. In this guide, you will find all the required information about the online market for replicas. Additionally, you will also see some tips for getting a fake certificate online using your valuable bitcoins.

Purchase Fake Diploma with Bitcoin

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency used for conveniently making transactions on the internet. Bitcoins are computer files stored in a digital wallet that is accessible from the internet. As this type of currency is relatively newer in the market, not many companies allow you to get a fake diploma with bitcoin.

Diploma Company knows that cryptocurrency is the highly requested alternative to the traditional payment system that uses credit or debit cards. This is why the premium services of Diploma Company can be availed by paying through digital currency.

How to buy a fake diploma with bitcoin on Diploma Company?

Here are the steps to purchase a fake diploma with cryptocurrency like bitcoin and Litecoin on Diploma Company.

  1. Place your order
  2. Choose the option of paying through cryptocurrency
  3. Scan the displayed QR code to send the payment to the Diploma Company

Now, check out the detailed information regarding fake diplomas to make the right purchase.

Types of Fake Diploma

In this section, you will find the most important details that would help you in making the right decision while purchasing a fake diploma. Listed below are the popular types of fake certificates available on the internet.

Types of Fake Diploma
  • Fake High School Certificate: People finding it difficult to get a job without a high school diploma could opt for an easy and secured way of getting a fake high school diploma from the school of their choice. Diploma Company provides a way of getting certificates that look exactly like the real ones at a competitive price.
  • Fake Diploma: A diploma certificate is valid for getting junior-level professional jobs in a good company. Diploma Company has a team of professionals who work around the clock to get the details and designs of the institute or college from where you want your fake diploma to be. The diploma will be customized with your name and other personal details as required.
  • Fake Degree: To get an upgrade in your existing skill-set or improving your current salary figure, it is mandatory to have a degree that attests to your knowledge of the subject. Diploma Company has a system of creating fake degree certificates from the university of your choice. This degree could be from a reputed international or national university as desired by you.

Along with these fake diplomas, you can also purchase a transcript of your final grades using bitcoin. At Diploma Company, the experts in the team handling your requirements, search the internet to find the subjects of your course. The details of the subjects and the marks received by you are entered randomly by the team without following a due course.

While filling in your details for the transcripts, you are asked to enter the required grades in the transcript. Depending on the international standard of grading system, you can select the grade scored with the degree. The inner details of the marks will be filled in according to your selection. It is important to note that the charges for creating a transcription are not included in the cost of the fake diploma. You must buy a fake diploma with bitcoin first. The transcript must be added to this order later on if required.

Note: You can get a transcript for any type of fake certificate as mentioned in this section.

Legal Information

The buyer must know that getting a fake diploma is legal in almost every country around the world. The only condition is that the intention of the buyer must be positive. They must only purchase a fake diploma for personal or theatrical reasons. For instance, the shooting of a television show, web series, or a film. The seller of the fake diploma is authorized to create such certificates for the personal use of the customer.

However, if these certificates are used for legal or professional reasons, they must be used at the discretion of the customer. If caught with a fake certificate, you could be penalized or jailed as per the regulations of your country. It is because of these reasons that people around the world purchase fake certificates under the guise of personal reasons.

Assurance of Delivery

buy a fake diploma with bitcoinbuy a fake diploma with bitcoin

When a customer is willing to invest hundreds of dollars in a fake diploma, it is their right to be assured of the delivery of their ordered product. Many fake websites on the internet are duping customers by charging their credit cards without making the required delivery. To combat this, the Diploma Company has created a foolproof mechanism that assures the customers of the reliability of their services.

This mechanism is based on three pillars as listed below.

  • Customer service: On the website of the company, the contact page has all the required information for getting in touch with the customer care representative of the Diploma Company. You can either email them at the provided address to get an assurance of their quick redressal system or call their office to check their service.
  • Payment: The payment made in the name of Diploma Company by your credit card is not authorized unless your delivery is made. Once the package leaves our warehouse and print shop, your card gets charged for the order. Similarly, our bitcoin is also charged after shipment. Diploma Company does not charge any extra fees for payments done using bitcoins.
  • Sample: To ensure the correctness of the final file, the Diploma Company sends a sample copy of the certificate that comes with a watermark. You get 7 days to respond with the required corrections after receiving the sample file.

Contact the experts at the Diploma Company to know more about the services before you buy a fake diploma with bitcoin. They can be reached at 866-687-5403 or you can chat live with them today.