Career Potential for Psychologists in India

Psychology is a study of human behavior, mood changes, mood swings occurring due to several changes, and mental process. Psychologists study the changes in human nature, emotions, reactions to everything, behavior, and tend to help them out by applying their understanding to treat the particular behavioral problem. Psychological treatment is not always medicines; it is counseling and therapy maximum times. As, a mentally disturbed person needs mental help, not medication. Therefore, doctors prefer speech therapy and another kind of therapies instead of relaxants, etc. for a quick fix. For this, the doctors need the patient’s history and other information, which is gleaned from interviews, tests, records, and medical reference materials. Condition of every patient differs from different patients, and it is indispensable for a doctor to come up with an individualized treatment plan and modify it as needed over time, depending on
the patient’s progress and situation.

Procedure to follow:

Becoming a certified psychologist is also not that easy; it requires a lot of effort. There are specific requirements to fulfill in order to get the certificate. Its requirements are:

  1. You have to pass an exam of 10+2 with psychology as your primary subject.
  2. BA or BS in psychology is necessary. Its curriculum must focus on personal development, stress management, neuropsychology, and psychotherapy.
  3. MA or MSc degree in psychology, counseling, or social work, and a specialization in a particular field are necessary to get the tag of a psychologist.
  4. Finally, yet importantly, specialization at the doctoral level with the help of a senior doctor and experts is necessary.

Skills needed to be a psychologist:

Every field has its demands and requirements. As psychologist has to deal with emotions and feelings of a person and treat them accordingly, the doctor should comprise of the following skills:

  1. Communication is the foremost important part of this field. The doctor should have the ability to communicate with clients to help them, listen to them, and guide them to convince them in an effective way.
  2. Ethics are needed everywhere in a professional world, but when it comes to dealing with human nature, and brain problems, the psychologists have an enormous responsibility. They should know how to deal with people at their vulnerable stage and keep the power of changing them and helping them in the most efficient way by having strong ethical values.
  3. Patience is the key to success, and you can win the heart of your patient if you listen and respond to them patiently. Patiently listening to your patients develops the bond of trust, which can help the patient in getting vulnerable. Once the patient opens up to you, it becomes more comfortable in sorting out his problem efficiently.
  4. The analytical approach and scientific thinking are essential for the diagnosis.
  5. No doubt, a person gets fatigued and fed-up, but the frustration should remain within the person and not affect the people around you. Take a break instead and relax yourself to work in a more professional way.

Job expectations:

You can easily make a mark and pursue a career as a psychologist once you successfully complete your training session. Only then, you can apply in the following lucrative branches of psychology:

  1. Clinical psychology: this field assesses and treats people with psychological problems and chronic psychiatric disorders. They act as psychiatrists who help people with a typical psychological crisis such as:
    1. The dramic change in sleep habits
    2. Grief over petty things
    3. Sorrows
    4. Work performance
    5. Losing focus over little things
      1. Some psychologists work with a wide variety of populations, and others work with specific
        groups such as the elderly, children, or those with particular disorders.
  2. Counseling psychology: counseling psychologists play the same role as clinical psychologists. however, a little difference that is prominent is their name a little bit of their work. They are usually appointed in academic settings, universities, colleges, schools or such other places, where students need guidance and come out of educational stress where students are only running after grades. Every student has his/her own absorption capacity, not everyone gets higher grades, and degrees in a particular field, therefore, the doctors and counselors keep on guiding and helping such students out.a. The dramatic change in sleep habits
  3. Sports psychology: players invest their life, goals, and everything in sports. Due to uncertain happenings, they face failure or have to quit their career. This leads them into depression and they become suicidal. Not everyone has the stamina to bear such heartbreak. Therefore, psychiatrists help them out by training their minds.

Pay package:

Psychologists in India are highly paid; however, the salary depends on their expertise, qualification, and specialization. However, the starting salary package varies between INR 1.79 to INR 6.23 LPA.

Psychology is a very vast and diverse field. In every phase of life, we need psychologists to help us out and find a way out for ourselves.