Substitute a lost degree with a replacement diploma

After graduating from school, they presented me with a diploma. At the time, I looked at it as nothing more than a piece of paper. I never through one day I'd be searching for a replacement diploma. BUT I did and this is my journey.

Now, you usually hear a lot about how much graduating means to family members but at the time, that aspect never hit me. But knowing how much it meant to both my parents, I gave them my diploma to hang in their home with pride.

My searching for a replacement of my diploma

You would think after all of the time and energy and money used up to get a diploma, you would safeguard it with your life. Still, like anything else it could get lost or damaged which makes replacing it someday a possibility.

A few years back I begun a new job and my employer requested a copy of my diploma. I remember I placed it in my parents basement after graduating and made plans to retrieve it. Making my way down there, I remembered hearing about a small basement flood my parents had. I also remember my dad telling me about how the box my diploma was in, had been on the floor. None of it sounded promising and I was sure the diploma got damaged.

Sad to say, "I was right". The document got completely soaked, the seal bent and the ink was blurry.

What steps did you take to replace your diploma?

My first instinct was to phone my old school and ask about getting a second copy made. You would think this would be effortless, but you'd be wrong. Some printing company made my school's diplomas. The company had a eight week delay for any replacement requests. The whole thing was a major bummer.

I remember talking to my new boss about everything and he actually ended up being pretty cool. He told me that I wasn't the first hire to run into such a hurdle and suggested I speak with Leslie. Turns out Leslie like me, needed a replacement made fast, and found an option online.

She told me about fake diplomas which she said make great replacement diplomas. Turns out these fakes are very good replications that capture both the layout and structure of a real diploma. Leslie said as long as the website knew what school I wanted and had some basic details from me, they could produce one.

I know what you're thinking, "how could your boss be cool with fake diplomas?" Well, the copy was just for record keeping and they said it would be good enough.

That night, I went online to Diploma Company. I found the type of diploma I needed, filled out the order form and made a payment. A few days later the replacement diploma arrived and I made a copy of it for work.

Did the replacement diploma remind you of your real one?

When I tell people my story, most are curious about fake diplomas. They ask me how authentic-looking their products are. The fact is, what Diploma Company sent me reminded me a lot of what got damaged at my parent's house. In fact, Eugene works with me and graduated from my same school. Now he has a copy of his real diploma framed up and I have my fake framed. Has ever said that mine isn't real? Not yet.

If you are concerned about the quality that sites like these are selling you on, I wouldn't worry.

I know some people buy such items to fool friends with but that wasn't my purpose. After losing my diploma, I wanted a convenient way to replace it fast. And for that, I have Leslie and this site to thank.